Merry Christmas to all, in this project we’re decorating Christmas Tree using several Raspberry Pi HAT’s & Add-ons, Let’s begin…

Communicating with Christmas Tree using LoRa HAT – Raspberry Pi Project

Hardware You need for this project:

Setup Raspberry Pi’s for the Projects

Note: if you're doing a headless setup, ensure SSH and/or VNC are enabled

  • Enable the serial port from the setting or sudo "raspi-config" as shown in for the Raspberry Pi LoRa HAT

Getting All Raspberry Pi Hardware’s Connected

  • Connect PiRelay 6 & Round LCD to Pi 400 Expansion Board as shown in the figure below and connect all the LED strips to PiRelay 6 module.

Running Codes


  • In Second Raspberry Pi (Receiver)

This code receive the data transmit from another LoRa HAT which can be used for customising LED Patterns via LoRa HAT & PiRelay 6

In This will setup the countdown timer and various LED Patterns (you can also use speaker to make countdown real) in display you can see the countdown running as shown below:

Lightning your Christmas Tree with Pico Cube’s -  Optional  

Use code