Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) HAT For Raspberry Pi

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) HAT For Raspberry Pi, Stable 5V Power Output

"Allows for the safe and orderly shutdown of a Raspberry Pi and any attached hardware"

Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that may be used in a variety of embedded, Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet of Things applications. Because this is a computer that may run a variety of software, shutting down this minicomputer is critical to verify that everything is preserved, the operating system has completed all essential duties, and the device is safe to switch off. Uncertain power outages might cause the Pi to malfunction, as well as the operating system. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) isn't only for connecting to your desktop computer. It could be beneficial to your Raspberry Pi boards as well. Nonetheless, the available choices UPS HAT and may be used to keep our Raspberry Pi running in the case of a power outage. UPS HAT

A UPS, similar to the UPS backups used in our homes and businesses, may be built to save the Pi during power outages or unintentional shutdowns. This UPS HAT can offer enough time to store the code on the RPi and can also be used as a separate power supply unit for backup...

It is capable of effectively charging the batteries and providing power output from an external power supply. If the external power source fails, the UPS HAT automatically switches to battery power, keeping the system functioning smoothly. It is compatible with all Raspberry Pi Series boards (Standard 40 PIN GPIO Header)

  • Real-time monitoring: Voltage, current, power, and remaining capacity of the batteries are all monitored in real time.
  • Overcharge/discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, and reverse circuit protection circuits are all part of a safe and stable circuit design.
  • Safer and Stable with The Equalizing Charge Feature
  • Also has a 5V USB output for powering other boards.
  • Battery Warning Indicators: Checking If the Battery Is Connected Correctly Is Simple

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