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Create Your Robot With The micro:bit - SB Components

A lot of people pursue to build their own robots by DIY kits to fulfill their curiosity to develop robots. micro:bit is designed by BBC for the kids to make the learning process easier with the development of the curiosity about the process behind a robot. If one wants to develop electronic goods like robots, miniature cars, miniature tanks, etc then they can use Stem:Bit which provides an easy way to build products. 

Introduction of STEM:bit

STEM is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics that is designed to make the learning process interesting among the students. SB Components developed a system called Stem:Bit that focuses on learning with the practical implementation of the learning. They introduced a Stem:Bit kit in the market that one can utilize to learn the basics of electronic and electrical engineering with building robots by themselves. Stem:Bit learning kit for micro:bit comes with the combination of electronic components with the building blocks that would make a kid interested in learning the science and technology behind the advanced products while building products.

Why is micro:bit used in STEM:bit?

Numerous people ask about the inclusion of the micro:bit in the Stem:Bit kit. If we go into the details of the micro:bit then it is a small size computer that one can use for programming and games which kids enjoy in the process of learning. It gives wings to the kids by which they can code and customize that would execute their digital ideas into reality in a better way. Each component of the micro:bit is easily programmable and if one wants codes for programming then they can download from the official website of the micro:bit. A person finds the micro:bit fascinating that increases the interest of them into learning programming. There are 85% of teachers that say micro:bit has made the learning of the computer class more enjoyable. More than 90% of the kids say that the computer classes became fun for them.

How to make DIY robots with STEM:bit?

Stem:bit is a programmable building blocks kit for micro:bit that includes a micro:bit board, micro:bit expansion board, battery, motor, more than 260 building blocks with numerous electronics components. A user can develop 9 different building blocks with various combinations of assembly methods. Stem:Bit kit also comes with a manual that has the methods to assemble the building blocks to help the user in the process of building any technological product. There are the following process one can use to develop their robots 

  1. Read the manuals - Numerous components come with the Stem:Bit that can be assembled in various ways. We provide manuals that one can read to make different products for themselves.
  2. Assembly - One can select whatever robot they want to make from the manual and then follow the guidelines. One can also use their creativity to make some other product from the given components as the sky is the limit.
  3. Programming - A robot or assembly needs a computer program to run that would run the system. If one knows how to program the codes then they can develop the codes after which drag and drop the codes into the micro:bit. One can also use graphical programming as the kit includes a micro:bit development board that supports makecode graphical programming. The teaching codes of makecode focus on graphical programming that allows the kids to learn programming without any logical thinking.
  4. Execution - One can run the system now on their programmable codes or commands. It would give a child confidence to learn the programming language on a deep level as Stem:Bit enhances their curiosity.

Details of STEM:bit

Stem:Bit consists of the main microcontroller:bit that is the heart of the machinery. All the codes and programs get stored in the main controller that runs the system. It runs on a power supply of a 3.7v lithium battery. The inputs associated with Stem:Bit are the infrared obstacle, avoidance sensor, ultrasonic module, infrared tracking sensor, and infrared receiving probe that help the user to operate efficiently. It comes with an IR/bit handle remote control from which one can control the system by the use of buttons. The kit has the building blocks to assemble that one can perform easily as there is no requirement of the welding. 

How to create a robot with STEM:bit?

There are mainly 9 basic models that one can design from the Stem:Bit that is (Tuk Tuk car, Military car, Slingshot, Robotic car, Crawling robot, IR car, 4x4 car, Skyscraper, Clipper). One can make any one of the basic models by reading the manual. We will guide you to develop one of the model Infrared remote control cars with the help of a stem bit. There are the following process one need to do to make an IR car 

  1. Firstly, one needs to download the program Stem:Bit after which opens the power button of the IR(Infrared Remote control) car then press the button of the IR controller.  It needs an internet connection that is why it is called online programming.
  2. One can also run the car by offline programming that would happen by using the building blocks of the Stem:Bit software package.
  3. Manual - Look at the manual of the Stem:Bit to assemble the components to develop the IR car. 
  4. Connect the micro:bit to the car in which one has dragged and dropped the codes to run the program so that the car can understand the signals of the remote.
  5. Run the IR car with the remote.


People ask about the benefits of Stem:Bit in the development for the kids. Stem:Bit provides the following benefits for the kids

  • Knowledge - Every child learns the basics of the programming language to run their robot in a better way. It makes a person curious about learning programming that enhances their learning skills. 
  • Creativity - A kid becomes more creative as there is no limit to the programming that made them create new things. It made a child develop new things which could make the life of the people better.
  • Practical knowledge - Most of the countries focus on theoretical knowledge that makes the classes boring for the children. The practical approach to learning a thing by STEM:bit makes students curious about the basics of any programming language. It will increase the skills that will help them to get better opportunities in the market.


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