D.I.Y Your Home with Home Automation HAT

D.I.Y Your Home with Home Automation HAT

Smart Homes have come a long way in our lives, allowing us to become more efficient while also making daily living easier. It makes living easier and safer, and if you're interested in technology, you've probably considered designing a smart home.

However, the cost of modern automated systems versus do-it-yourself hardwares is vastly different. Most people with a technical knowledge choose D.I.Y. since it is cost-effective and dependable. The “Home Automation HAT” is the answer if you're looking for hardware to automate your home. The Home Automation HAT is now available on Kickstarter, and you can learn more about the benefits of making your home smart by reading on. 


Home Automation HAT is a monitoring and automation controller HAT for the Raspberry Pi that can control up to 2 appliances/devices on a load of 250 VAC/7A, 30 VDC/10A, photo-coupling isolation Optocoupler EL357NC, allowing users to safely control high voltages or current devices. Home -Automation HAT makes appliances smart, which users can operate via the PiRelay app on their electronic device.

Research and development of Home Automation HAT 

The research and development team increased the quality of the product by developing the Home-automation HAT with the operating Voltage of 220V AC (Via Terminal Block), External Load 250 VAC/7A, 30 VDC/10A, 2-Ch Relays, Trigger Signal 3.3/5V. Parental advisory is a must for the children.Be careful when working with the electrical product. Special supervision of parent/adult is required to keep children from hurting themselves. 

Benefits of Home Automation HAT

Many consumers are interested in learning more about the product's features so that they can utilise it with the Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+,3,2,Zero. Relay status indicators are also present so that you may learn about the relay's on/off status. You may operate it via the Pirelay Android app, which allows you to control all of your devices/appliances at once. If you don't have a lot of experience with the Raspberry Pi and its HAT, don't worry; we'll give you Development Resources, including Python examples. If you're still seeking reasons, have a look at the projects that can be built using this advanced product.

Smart Architecture with Home-Automation HAT

A user can use a mobile application to turn on and off lights, fans, toasters, and other electrical appliances, for example. The Home-Automation HAT can be accessed from anywhere in the globe via the internet. As a result, even if you're outside, you'll be able to connect to your home appliances without difficulty.

Voice Control Automation

Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants are growing increasingly popular. Home-automation HAT is the device for you if you want a low-cost voice control assistant. You can use it to connect sensors or actuators and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology. With the use of your voice, you can now control your electrical appliances directly, making your life easier. Our safety, comfort, and efficiency are all improved as a result of the incorporation of smart home technology into our life. 

Safety with Home-Automation HAT

People who choose automation of their home are most concerned about their safety. You can use the Home- Automation HAT to connect motion sensors, door lock/unlock systems, and other devices that will alert you if there is an intruder on your property. Heat sensors, facial recognition devices, smoke detectors, and other devices can be connected to it, which will call/text emergency numbers (firefighters, police, etc.) if it detects a threat. It would not only offer you a secure environment, but it would also save your property.

Resource Saving with Home Automation HAT

Home Automation HAT is a resource-saving strategy that will pay off in the long run. Thermostats, lamps, fans, and other devices may all be connected with it via the sensors, resulting in an optimum environment and no energy waste. People who want to create smart gardens in their homes can do so by creating smart irrigation systems. It would prevent water loss, which would be beneficial to both users and the environment.

Single remote control    

Some people may believe that they need remote control devices for all of their appliances. You won't have to worry about it with Home Automation HAT. You can connect many devices with it and use the Pirelay App to operate multiple appliances from a single location. 

Your imagination is the only thing that limits you in the universe. Simply play around with it and other peripherals to see what you can make. Leave a comment on your work and let everyone know what you're working on!!!


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