DIETPI Releases 8.12 Comes with a New image for the NanoPi R6S and the Radxa ROCK 5B

DIETPI Relaeases 8.12 Comes with a New image for the NanoPi R6S and the Radxa ROCK 5B

Version 8.12 of this Linux distribution targeted for SBCs was released by DietPi this month. The inclusion of compatibility for the OKdo ROCK 5B and NanoPi R6S SBCs is particularly noteworthy. The latest top-of-the-line Rockchip RK3588 SoC with quad Cortex-A76 and quad Cortex-A55 is included in the ROCK 5B. In comparison to solutions like Debian, Raspberry Pi OS, and Armbian, what makes DietPi attractive as an operating system for both higher-end and lower-end SBCs is that it places a major emphasis on being the most efficient. Smaller binary size, less RAM utilisation, and better performance are the results of this.

ROCK 5 Model B - DietPi now supports the new Radxa flagship SBC with hardware ID 78. 


R6S NanoPi - DietPi now supports FriendlyELEC's new flagship router SBC with hardware ID 79. 


The DietPi setup process is just as simple as with the aforementioned alternatives, with the exception that you are immediately given access to a large number of additional customization options. With features like the optional graphical interface that are simple to add, the out-of-the-box experience and selecting okay on the provided defaults are likely to be more than adequate for the majority of users, but resourceful users can change specifics about the hardware, the filesystem, and more.

DietPi undoubtedly feels like a lot lighter experience when installed on a Raspberry Pi Zero than the existing Raspberry Pi OS, which is based on Debian Bullseye. DietPi is based on Debian as well, but it frees up a lot more RAM and storage, which is a huge help when using a Raspberry Pi Zero or other constrained hardware. Whether or not it's appropriate to bring up in public, DietPi surely makes the point that many current standard SBC pictures are very chubby.


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