Top 10 Raspberry Pi Best Operating System to use [2021]

Top 10 Raspberry Pi Best Operating System to use 2021

Raspberry Pi has gained a lot of traction in the IT world, and it's become a significant hit in the industry. Raspberry Pi is being used by a large segment of the computer industry to improve the efficiency of their work.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is investing in their research and development department, as a result of which a new and improved Raspberry Pi will be released.Top 10 Raspberry Pi Best Operating System to use [2021]

Many individuals are rushing to get their hands on the Raspberry Pi in order to employ it in their projects and raise the standard. One of the most popular things that most developers do with Raspberry Pi is to experiment with different operating systems. A number of operating systems with simple user interfaces have been created for Raspberry Pi. In this article, we'll go over our top 10 selections for the finest Raspberry Pi operating system. So let's get started.

Raspberry Pi OS

1. Raspberry Pi OS - A highly optimized and efficient operating system, officially software of Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi OS. A lot of people know the Raspberry Pi OS with the moniker of Raspbian which is a Debian-based operating system for Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi has been supplying this complex and hi-tech operating system since 2015. The Raspberry Pi's finest features are listed below.
  • Designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi.
  • The Openbox stacking window manager provides a unique desktop experience as well as a unique aesthetic.
  • It comes with a well-developed package that will meet your needs for doing tasks on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Searching is simple, and there are key layout shortcuts, thumbnails, and other features.
  • With the exception of the Raspberry Pi Pico, it can be used with every Raspberry Pi product. Raspberry Pi OS

OSMC (Open Source Media Center) 

2. OSMC - OSMC, or Open Source Media Center, is a cutting-edge Debian-based minimal Linux distribution operating system that has risen in popularity within the tech community. With the attractive user interface, a growing number of technophiles are becoming interested. OSMC is a cutting-edge operating system that efficiently runs KODI on your device.

  • The OSMC operating system is suitable for users with a wide range of skills.
  • It comes with pre-installed images that assist the user in producing high-quality content on the Raspberry Pi.
  • OSMC can perform an automatic update once a month on its own with ease. You don't have to be concerned about the update any more.
  • To attract more people and make their work easier, OSMC is designed to offer features like google play store. It will make the users able to search and download the applications that they like to use in their project. OSMC

Ubuntu MATE

3. Ubuntu MATE - Ubuntu Mate is a cutting-edge free and open-source linux distribution operating system. It was created as a version of Ubuntu, with the MATE desktop environment serving as the default user interface on Ubuntu MATE. The following are some of Ubuntu MATE's top features:

  • Updates are delivered faster, which saves you time.
  • Linux in Ubuntu makes the system more secure, making the user's job easier.
  • Ubuntu MATE's power and versatility improve the system.
  • The system includes a file management capability that allows users to access their files. 
  • It was created with the goal of providing a user experience that is comparable to that of Windows or Mac, so that people can readily comprehend the interfaces.Ubuntu MATE


4. RISC OS - The Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System, or RISC OS, is an operating system that has risen to the top of the best operating system rankings thanks to its user-friendly design. Can you believe it's been around in the IT sector for almost 30 years and is designed specifically for ARM processors? You can check out the greatest qualities listed below based on your needs

  • RISC OS was created specifically for ARM-based processors, and with a long development cycle, customers may expect efficient performance from this OS.
  • The fundamental benefit of RISC OS is that it is performance-oriented.
  • RISC OS is recommended for anyone who has never worked with a Raspberry Pi before. It would be an excellent operating system for them to begin with, and they would have a better experience as a result.RISC OS


5. LAKKA OS -If you are a gamer looking for a lightweight and efficient operating system, LAKKA OS is the option for you. It's ideal for those who enjoy playing games on a single board computer or who wish to create games on one. Most tech-users are enhancing the users on the LAKKA operating system because of the simple installer packages with backup possibilities. The following characteristics are attracting people's attention to it.

  • Users will benefit from a lightweight operating system that makes their jobs easier.
  • High-quality user interface that allows consumers to get the most out of their operating system.
  • Make a portable and powerful game console out of your Raspberry Pi.LAKKA OS

Windows IoT Core OS

6. Windows IoT Core OS -If you're a great fan of both Windows and Raspberry Pi, Windows IoT Core OS is the bridge that connects the two powerful technologies in a simple way. It is a well-designed operating system that includes vital features such as security, networking, creation, and cloud integration. It will assist consumers in quickly creating a prototype that will improve the product's quality. The following are the best features of Windows IoT Core OS that will assist you in developing high-tech products with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10.

  • It is designed with an upgraded user interface and best-in-class graphic support to give users a terrific experience with solutions like digital signs and point-of-sale systems.
  • It is compatible with any device management solution, allowing customers to leverage its features in their projects using Raspberry Pi hardware.
  • End-to-end Azure integration with Windows IoT would provide consumers with full interoperability across apps and cloud networks.Windows IoT Core OS


7. RaspBSD OS - RaspBSD is a variant of FreeBSD designed for single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. It's an open source FreeBSD 11 image that comes pre-configured in two Raspberry Pi images. It was created by Berkeley Software Distribution and is now one of the most extensively used single board operating systems.

  • Best for folks who are fresh to the computer sector and want to develop goods using the operating system's simple interface.
  • It's being used by popular game consoles like Playstation and macOS because of its lightweight nature, which is quickly becoming the product's main selling point.
  • RaspBSD's developers are constantly improving the operating system to make it a better environment for the users.RaspBSD OS

RetroPie OS

8. RetroPie OS - It is yet another outstanding example of an operating system based on the Debian software library that has a strong demand in the market among tech-developers. It is the greatest platform to imitate old games on the Raspberry Pi for anyone who enjoys playing or developing retro games. It's designed to be a cutting-edge, high-tech, and small Raspberry Pi emulator. The following features can help you improve your user experience

  • Retropie comes with a pre-installed SD card that works flawlessly with any operating system.
  • It includes themes for simulating IoT devices, allowing users to deal with a range of hardware.
  • There are a variety of hardware platforms on which it can be used effectively, but for the best results, the Raspberry Pi 3 model B is recommended.RetroPie OS

Kali Linux Operating System

9. Kali Linux Operating System -  It is the perfect operating system for you if you are working on a project that requires a lot of security and protection. It is appropriate for developers who want to create projects that require a lot of computer power, as it will make their job easier. It has received positive feedback from a number of IT developers. There are several advantages that make it the greatest option for developers.

  • Developers can use high computational power to create hi-tech applications based on Kali Linux.
  • Kali Linux is the preferred operating system of ethical hackers, making it a high-demand product.
  • For tech-developers, Debian-based distributions made things easier.Kali Linux Operating System

OpenMediaVault OS

10. OpenMediaVault OS - It's also an operating system based on the Debian-based programme, which aids developers in creating high-end, high-efficiency goods. You may also use Debian package management to upgrade your operating system, and the web-based administration ensures that it runs smoothly. Following are some features that would improve things.

  • It would be an excellent platform for anyone who wishes to work from home.
  • Using an SD card, you can effortlessly backup your work.
  • Support for link aggregation, Wake On Lan, and IPv6OpenMediaVault OS


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