Raspberry Pi DIY Laptop GADGET - LAPPI

Laptops and computers have now become an integral part of our life and the necessity of our daily life. In this pandemic outbreak, the need for work from home has become easier by this invention. The demands of laptops increased due to their compact size with a sleek design and portability. It is easy to carry and handy too.

What if I tell you that you can make your own laptop at low cost. Imagine developing not just any device, but a complete laptop using Raspberry Pi as its brain! 

We introduce to you LapPi, a modular DIY laptop using Raspberry Pi.

LapPi a Raspberry Pi DIY laptops are compact, power-efficient, and relatively powerful, which makes them perfect. LapPi gives you the full functionality of a desktop computer in a versatile, hand-held device - complete with all the ports, processing powers, and programs to need to operate at full capacity.

DIY laptop for Raspberry Pi


  • Easy to configure
  • Complete DIY
  • Acrylic sheet case
  • Battery operated
  • 5” & 7” screen size available
  • compatible with all Raspberry Pi versions
  • Easy access to all USB ports
  • Speaker set


  • Easy to carry - it is very handy and portable
  • Learning device - using it you can learn various things like python (programming language), about OS, Raspberry PiOperations, designing robots, etc.
  • Easy to connect HATs for various DIY projects li PiRelay, Motor Shield, etc.
  • Easy internet access.
  • Easy to camera installation
  • Playing games and video

LapPi is an outstanding DIY that can be assembled, built, and run by you, yourself, and is completely configurable and can be used with other projects as well. All the components can be inserted or removed at any point in time depending upon the usability.


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