Ubuntu - Appliances For Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu - Appliances For Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution, launched the Ubuntu Appliance. Ubuntu Appliance is an IoT based project.

Basically an Ubuntu Appliance turns a computer into a specialized appliance for home or work. It is just a disk image for a PC or Raspberry Pi. Ubuntu Appliances have strong privacy policies and enduring security maintenance guarantees.

To create secure and smart appliances Ubuntu appliance is used.

The disk images are well suited for Raspberry Pi 3 and above versions.

Flash the images into micro SD cards using imager tools and then install an appliance onto your device.  

The five appliances of the ubuntu are mentioned below:

  • AdGuard ad blocking
  • OpenHAB home automation
  • PLEX media server
  • Mosquitto MQTT server
  • Nextcloud a private cloud 

Note: These appliances are all snap packages that run on Ubuntu Core 18 but will be updated to Ubuntu Core 20 later this year. 

Ubuntu Core is a snap package. Snap packages are securely isolated containing the necessary files and additional snap packages can be installed by the user for use in the appliance.

In future versions of ubuntu applications, the Raspberry Pi GPIO and camera will be integrated so that these features can be used.

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