Gear Up For An Advanced Robots Competition At The Pi War 2021

Gear up for an advanced robots competition at the Pi War 2021

All you “Tech Enthusiast” out there, the time has come when you can showcase your passion for programming in the Pi War 2021 competition. There were numerous Raspberry Pi enthusiasts that got sad by the cancellation of Pi War 2020. The event organizers had to cancel the Pi War 2020 due to COVID-19 for the safety of participants. One can read the detailed statement of the event organizers. 

Pi War is a competition amongst the people, who are a part of the Raspberry Pi’s community, by their skills of computerized efforts against each other. The organizers, CamJam(Cambridge Raspberry Jam), hold the competition of the war of Pi robots every year to enhance the knowledge of the people by connecting the community of Raspberry Pi. In this competition, there are elaborated challenges for the participants that they need to face to win the competition.  

Raspberry Pi Organization has revolutionized the world with its advanced computing system in the compact design. It helped a lot of tech enthusiasts, coders, kids, hobbyist to learn the basics and advanced programming. Pi Wars event gives all of them a platform to showcase their passion for Raspberry Pi. These challenges are designed by experts to see the knowledge of the participants. It shows that how well a person has the skill to develop hardware and software of the competition. Pi Wars is conducting the conference in 2021 and for more detail, one can sign up to

What are the events in Pi Wars?

Pi Wars is the event organized by two people Mike Horne and Tim Richardson from CamJam. They organize events like the Virtual Pi Wars Conference as well as a take-part-from-home series of PiWars challenges to increase the involvement of other people all around the world. PiWars event is a two-day family event in which various teams compete with each other by using their skills and creativity to win the prestigious competition. There are seven non-destructive courses of the competition that the teams need to compete in these courses. 

Why is Pi Wars not happening in 2020?

Covid-19 has become one of the problems that the whole world is facing right now. Mike Horne gave the red signal to the PiWars 2020 to save the life of the participants. It breaks a lot of the hearts of tech enthusiasts and kids but in this negative situation the organizers of PiWars are coming up with two segments of PiWars in 2021. There is a virtual PiWars conference that is happening on Saturday 23 January 2021. This conference will be a live-streamed event that people all over the world can see easily from their electronic devices. The attendees can enhance their knowledge by becoming a part of the live stream about developing a Pi War robot. 

What are the home advantages for the people?

Pi Wars is conducting the competition in which people can participate in the event from their home. The participants need to build their challenge courses in the Pi Wars@home event then they need to record the completion of their best attempt. The resulting challenges in the competition will be broadcast online over the weekend of 20-21 march. 

What is the theme of Pi Wars 2021 competition?

People who already became the part, spectator or participant, of the Pi Wars, know that every year there is a theme of the event on which the participants need to develop their gadgets. Pi Wars 2021 has the “house theme” in which the participants need to use the household items to construct their courses with the assembly instruction sent out in advance to all the people who participated in the event by registering themselves. The entry fee is £15 that all the teams need to pay to enter into the competition. A person can take the part in the competition as a contender or competitor from any part of the world. One should note that their team has to submit their challenge attempt video at least 72 hours ahead of the competition weekend to get into the competition. The entry for the competition is open already for everyone and closes on 12 October. If a team has already paid their entry fee for the PiWars 2020 then they do not need to pay for the home event of Pi Wars 2021. 


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