Top 5 Robotic Arm Design Projects with Raspberry Pi

Top 5 Robotic Arm design projects with Raspberry Pi

The enhancement in the technology of Robotics Arm came from industries into the hands of kids and tech enthusiasts with the name of PiArm.  

PiArm is a DIY robotic arm that one can run on Raspberry Pi which works on 6-axis digital computerized servo motors. The angular movement of PiArm is smooth which is designed for kids, tech enthusiasts, and hobbyists. 

Overview of DIY PiArm for Raspberry Pi

The PiArm is a fast, lightweight, and powerful metal robotic arm which works with the collaboration of Raspberry Pi. PiArm is developed to be compatible with all the variants of Raspberry Pi which helps one to choose their variants as per the need of the user.

PiArm is open-source hardware and software that gives power to the user to run this device based on their requirements. It also helps the company to get the maximum number of support from its users. It provides transparency of codes to the users which also helps the company to enhance the quality of the product. It is powered by the servo shield that supports both USB and GPIO communication.

Anyone who understands the programming language or wants to learn more about it can operate the PiArm easily. The easy usage of the device makes it easy for the user to develop better things. PiArm opens the gates of creativity to the people which helps them to develop a variety of products from it. A person can change the software or hardware according to their requirements that would enhance the level of the product. It provides the power to change anything to their high number of users which they can use to build high quality of the product.  

Features of PiArm for Raspberry Pi

  • It comes with a fully metallic body.
  • It is equipped with 6-axis digital servo meters. It has a dual speaker option, supports a camera, and has multiple sensor support systems.
  • It is easy to assemble and can be controlled by multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, joystick, etc.
  • It is based on the Python language and the open-source code is available for secondary development.
  • It can do multiple movements like pick and place, can help in daily work and it even dances on music.
  • PiArm is compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi such as 4B, 3B+, 3, 2, A+, B, Zero W, Zero, etc.
  • The PiArm shield or the Hardware has a Python-based code capable of running on any platform like Linux or Windows.
  • The PiArm shield allows you to connect multiple accessories like the ultrasonic sensor or the IR sensors.
  • You can connect the shield through a couple of options: through USB or GPIO. It has the power to provide a single power source to the Raspberry Pi and the PiArm.

Why should people choose PiArm?

Some individuals do not have the idea of PiArm that affects their decision to use PiArm in their life. PiArm can provide the best assistance to the user in the affordable price range. It has been designed to provide a similar experience of big industrial robotic arms compactly. DIY PiArm is one of the best methods to provide knowledge to the user about the working of the big machines in an interesting way.

Numerous kids and tech enthusiasts learn to write codes because of DIY PiArm. It gives the user freedom to build anything. It becomes interesting for a kid to use their imagination and learning power to build advanced products. A lot of kids know the coding but they do not have the practical implementation of the codes. They learn programming and its implementation with the help of PiArm. It increases the skill of a person that makes a person develop things that can do innovative things. Schools and universities are using this technology so that they can make their students learn programming through this interesting method. 

PiArm works with Raspberry Pi from which one can learn programming by interfacing with the Raspberry Pi board. If one looks at the assembly of the PiArm then it is clear that Raspberry Pi acts as the brain of the system. PiArm is easy to assemble that one can control from the laptop, phone, wireless joystick, and touch screen to use it to build projects with impeccable task performance.

5 projects that one can make from PiArm

  • Person‘s face tracking - Ever observed how advanced cameras track the face of a person. Many security agencies use advanced person’s face-tracking cameras to become efficient. If you want to build it then you should get the PiArm and run it on Raspberry Pi. It needs assembly of PiArm from which one can build the structure of PiArm then they need to program the task.
  • Face Recognition - Raspberry Pi single-board computer is very powerful which one can use to program a variety of codes to make it work on a specific task. Face recognition is one of the tasks that got the attention of the people that they can perform by the use of sperm. One can make the PiArm mimic human-level performance that would be used in the task of Face recognition. It can be used in the place where the user wants to identify the face of anyone in front of the camera. A student or a kid learns so much from programming codes for the Image recognition device that would make them get the knowledge of the basics programming.
  • Object recognition - One can input the data of the objects in the Raspberry Pi that they want to identify with the help of PiArm. If one input any image of the chair then the system would understand the structure of the chair. When the user would take the chair in front of the PiArm then the program with the help of hardware would recognize that chair. One can put any image of the object into the form of data which they can use to recognize the object by the usage of the PiArm. It enhances the knowledge of the student which makes them think about better ideas to narrow down their searches. It also helps tech enthusiasts to make the PiArm run on their requirements.
  • Mask detection - Covid-19 has become a global problem on which the government has put strict rules to wear a mask if one is outside their home. It can become one of the major projects for the kids to build a system that can identify if a person is wearing masks or not that can save lives. In this project, one needs to provide the data to the Raspberry Pi with masks and non-mask which would run the PiArm to detect the people with masks and non-mask. It helps a user to learn a lot of things with the usage of the PiArm which they can use in saving people’s lives also.
  • Voice interaction(Chatbot) - It is fascinating for the people to talk with the machine. A lot of kids have the dream to talk with a machine that would make them happy. Now one can perform this operation also on the PiArm by programming the codes into Raspberry Pi. It attracts the kids which motivates them to build a device that can talk with people. It helps a user to learn to program with the interesting ideas that make innovative projects.


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