Overview Pico LoRaTM Expansion (868MHz)

Overview Pico LoRa Expansion (868MHz)

LoRa or Long Range is a technique, spread spectrum modulation, that is derived from CSS or Chirp Spread Spectrum that is helping the users to communicate in low-power consumption. It gained popularity amongst the tech-people because of its easy and efficient communication within an economical budget. Getting started with Pico LoRa Expansion 868MHz

LoRa™ created a spark in the tech-communities with its power and ability to perform the communication in the best possible way. A lot of tech-enthusiasts create projects like smart cities in a cost-saving budget that has exponentially created the demand in the market. There are a lot of devices that are based on LoRa™ to intensify the user experience with its efficiency and applications. Pico LoRa™ Expansion (868MHz) is one of the products that has recently been launched in the market by SB Components that already got people to get this product and build something better. If you do not have the idea about the LoRa™ or Pico LoRa™ Expansion (868MHz) then get ready for a wonderful experience of the LoRa™ world via this blog. What is LoRaTM?

What is LoRa?

Before diving into the details of the Pico LoRa™ Expansion (868MHz), let’s first introduce the technology LoRa™ and its features to get the understanding of the device. LoRa™ stands for long-range and is based on the spread-spectrum technique, which is derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology and encodes data using wideband linear frequency modulated chirp pulses. LoRa™ is a wireless technology or technique that enables the users to communicate with the other devices in a long range with secure transmission of data under low cost. There are a lot of individuals who do not have the ideas about the band of LoRa™ as there are different modules for different frequency bands. In different regions, LoRa™ Technologies provide their services in different frequencies.  

About Pico LoRa™ Expansion (868MHz)

Pico LoRa™ Expansion is a low-power data transmission board with an onboard CH340 USB TO UART converter, Voltage Level Translator (74HC125V), E22-900T22S SMA antenna connector that covers the 868MHz frequency band, Onboard 1.14" LCD, IPEX antenna connector, LoRaTM Spread Spectrum Modulation technology with auto multi-level repeating, and Pico LoRa™  Spread Spectrum Modulation technology with auto multi-level repeating.

Need of Pico LoRa Expansion (868MHz)

Now the question arises about the need of Pico LoRa™ Expansion(868 MHz) within our lives and its problem solving capabilities. If we summarize it then Pico LoRa™ Expansion is created to enable data transmission over a serial port up to 5 kilometres. A consumer can easily transfer data in low-power consumption using the new generation LoRa™ spread spectrum modulation technology. With its longer contact distance, lower power consumption, improved protection, and ani-inference method, the E22-900T22S Pico LoRa™ Expansion sets itself apart from standard LoRa. Pico LoRa™ USB-UART connectivity allows direct communication with a desktop/laptop without the use of a Raspberry Pi Pico.


  • Onboard 1.14" LCD
  • Voltage Level Translator(74HC125V)
  • Communication range up to 5 KM
  • Supports auto repeating to transmit longer
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Highly Secured
  • For Evaluating signal quality with the RSSI or "Received Signal Strength Indicator"
  • Wireless parameter configuration support
  • fixed-point transmission support
  • SMA and IPEX Antenna Connector
  • USB to LoRaTM and Pico to LoRaTM Communication via UART
  • Comes with development resources and manual
  • LED Indicators:  
    • RXD/TXD: UART RX/TX indicator
    • AUX: auxiliary indicator
    • PWR: power indicator
  • Serial/USB selection jumpers: 
    • A:  USB TO UART to control the LoRa module through USB
    • B: control the LoRa module through Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Data/Command mode selection jumpers :
    • Short M0, short M1: Transmission mode
    • Short M0, open M1: Configuration mode
    • Open M0, short M1: WOR mode
    • Open M0, open M1: Deep sleep mode


  • Frequency - 850.125~930.125MHz
  • Power - 22dBm
  • Distance - Up to  5 KM
  • Interface - UART Communication
  • Serial Port Module - E22-900T22S1B
  • Voltage Level Translator - 74HC125V


  • Public Security 
  • Leak Detection System
  • Smart Parking
  • Waste Management System
  • Smart Energy Module
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Agriculture


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