Pico LoRa Expansion 868MHz

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Pico LoRa™ Expansion is a low-power consumption data transmission board, comes with an onboard CH340 USB TO UART converter, Voltage Level Translator(74HC125V), E22-900T22S SMA antenna connector that covers 868MHz frequency band , Onboard 1.14" LCD,IPEX antenna connector, LoRa™ Spread Spectrum Modulation technology with auto multi-level repeating. Pico LoRa™ Expansion is developed to enable data transmission up to 5 KM through serial port.

With the new generation LoRa™ spread spectrum modulation technology, a user can easily transmit the data in low-power consumption. E22-900T22S Pico LoRa™ Expansion discrete itself from the normal LoRa™ with its longer communication distance, lower power consumption with better safety and ani-inference system. USB-UART communication of Pico LoRa™ enables the direct communication with a desktop/laptop without using Raspberry Pi Pico.

LoRa™ is the abbreviation of Long-range that runs on a technique called spread-spectrum technique, procured from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology, that encodes information by using the wideband linear frequency modulated chirp pulses.Pico LoRa Expansion 868MHzPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz FeaturesPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz featuresPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz SpecificationPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz SpecificationsPico LoRa Expansion Antenna SpecificationsPico LoRa Expansion Antenna SpecsPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz ApplicationsPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz Applcations

Pico LoRaTM Expansion 868MHz 3D ImagePico LoRa expansionPico LoRa Expansion 868MHz GitHubPico LoRa Expansion GitHubPico Lora Expansion 868 MHzPico Lora Expansion 868 MHz
Pico LoRaTM Expansion 868MHz  Kit Content
  • 1 x Pico LoRa Expansion 868MHz
  • 1 X Antenna 


  • For Reference only, please confirm the local supported LoRa band before placing order.
  • No Pico Board Included

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