How To Perform Screen Recording in Raspberry Pi in 7 Easy Steps

How To Perform Screen Recording in Raspberry Pi in 7 Easy Steps

Illustration : This article will show you how to install VOKOScreen in Raspberry Pi. VOKOscreen is a program that allows the user to record the tasks happening on the screen. 


  • A user can record video conferences, movies, installation process and other things on the screen.
  • Supports x264 and vp8 video codecs
  • Supports media files like mov containers mp4, webm, avi,mkv as output.

Follow the below command to install 

  1. Run Raspberry Pi operating system, go to the Pi icon or start button
  2. Go to the accessories option
  3. Click on the terminal, type sudo apt-get install vokoscreen -y

How To Run VOKOScreen?

You can access the VOKOScreen from the Raspberry Pi operating system as follows

  1. Go to the Pi icon/start button
  2. Select sound and video option
  3. Open VOKOScreen
  4. You can configure the file settings as per the requirement.
  5. Choose area type(Fullscreen/windows/area) 
  • Full screen captures everything on the screen.
  • Windows captures only the tasks happening on a particular window.
  • Area captures a specific area which one can crop on the screen.
  1.     Click on start option to begin recording
  2.     You can pause/stop the video in between the recording.
Screen Recording in Raspberry Pi - SB Components


The user can change the settings like audio setting, webcam setting, recording setting on the software. They can change the video format, frames per second, video codec, audio codec options, location of the videos etc.


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