Introduction of Differential Pressure Breakout Board

Introduction of Differential Pressure Breakout Board

Introduction of Differential Pressure Breakout 

Differential Pressure Breakout with MPXV5010DP launched in the market for public consumption on 23rd Nov 2020.

SB Components has developed a Differential Pressure Breakout with NXP's MPXV5010DP that helps the user compare two pressure measurements. It allows the user to perform the task where the measurement of pressure(0-10kPa) is required that would make the task efficient.

About Differential Pressure Breakout                                                             Differential Pressure Breakout is the latest technology in the range of SB Component products that comprise NXP's MPXV5010DP that is an Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor On-Chip Signal Conditioned, Temperature Compensated, and Calibrated.

It is not necessary to know the absolute pressure of a liquid or a gas in a system. If the users know the pressure difference value of the two points in the system then they can also facilitate their task. If the same situation comes then one can use differential Pressure Breakout. Differential Pressure Breakout consists of two axial ports to accommodate industrial grade tubing. In the temperature range between 0º and 85ºC, the maximum error rate of the sensor is 5.0%.


  • Operating Pressure - 1.45 psi
  • Port Type - Dual Radial Barbed
  • Port Size - 4.93 mm
  • Interface-SPI/Analog Interface
  • Measurement range- 0 to 10 kPa
  • MPXV5010DP pressure sensor
  • Temperature range between 0º and 85ºC
  • Maximum error rate of 5.0%.
  • SPI / Analog interface
  • Durable Epoxy Unibody
  • Temperature Compensated over -40ºC to +125ºC

How does Differential Pressure Breakout work?

There are two pressure ports, P1 and P2, where P1 works as a Pressure Side and P2 as a Vacuum side. Differential Pressure Breakout has a measurement range of 0 to 10kPa. Pressure Side(P1) is greater than the Vacuum Side(P2) that makes the Differentials Pressure Breakout operate on positive differential pressure. The signal passes through the onboard 22-bit ADC before being output through the SPI interface.

What is the need for Differential Pressure Breakout?       

The differential pressure breakout allows the user to get a comparative measurement between two points. If we take an example like before and after a valve in a pipe. Consider that If the valve is fully open, the pressure on both sides of the pipe should be the same but if there is a difference in the pressure, it could be the valve is not fully open or there is a blockage inside the path of the pipe.

If we understand the base of Differential pressure breakout then it is packaged with two ports to which pipes can be attached. The pipes are then connected to the system where the measurement is to be made. Industrial differential sensors may be integrated into a standardized fitting, allowing it to be built into existing pipework.

Key Features 

  • MPXV5010DP Pressure Sensor
  • Temperature Compensated over -40° to +125°C
  • 5.0% Maximum Error over 0° to 85°C
  • SPI interface

Use of Differential Pressure Breakout in Industry

The design of the Differential Pressure is developed to provide the best assistance to the user. Numerous industries have the work that can become easy by the Differential Pressure Breakout. 

The main advantage of the Differential Pressure Breakout is that several sensors can be connected all together which would enhance the efficiency of the user. It would allow the user to do more work that would make the user faster.If a user wants to implement their software then they can find a range of software stacks from various embedded software vendors.


  • MPXV5010DP IC has an analog output
  • Temperature Compensated over -40 to +125C
  • The signal passes through the onboard 22-bit ADC before being outputted through the SPI interface
  • Durable Epoxy Unibody and Thermoplastic (PPS) Surface Mount Package.


There are various industries that have the usage of the Pressure Differential Breakout to build their products. The usage of the Pressure Differential Breakout is up to the user by using their creativity in their projects to utilize the potential of this device. There are the following applications of Differential Pressure Breakout

  • Respiratory Systems
  • Appliance Liquid Level and Pressure Measurement
  • HVAC
  • Process Control
  • Hospitals
  • Altitude Sensing
  • Flow Sensing

Instructions related to the safety

The user should understand that despite the advanced technology there are some safety instructions one needs to follow for efficient usage of the Differential Pressure Breakout. There are following instruction one need to follow

  • Take care of the exposure of the water or moisture to the Differential Pressure Breakout as it can harm the device.
  • Differential Pressure Breakout is designed to work at a particular temperature limit. One should make sure that they perform the task in that given temperature limit.
  • One should take care of the board while performing any electrical operations.

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