Applications of RFID Breakout in our daily lives

Applications of RFID Breakout

The RFID Breakout system is a Radio Frequency-based system that refers to the technology whereby digital data encoded, by the programmer, in the RFID cards or key fobs. If you do not have a basic understanding of our product RFID breakout then you can click here for more information about the product. After you understand the potential of RFID breakout then don’t sit on it! We will provide you ideas for applications of RFID breakout to use as a project in this article.  

About RFID Breakout

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology, which includes wireless capture of data and transaction processing. The RFID reader or breakout is programmed to capture the radio signals from the cards or key fobs to act in a programmed way. It is similar to the process of barcode technology in which a reader captures the data by scanning the barcode. RFID system assists the user by capturing the data of people, who have the cards or key fobs to access the system, which an authorized administrator can use to utilize in their tasks like making attendance sheets. Industries are using RFID technology for a long time in various applications such as baggage, Automobile control, equipment tracking, fast food establishments, supply chain management, etc. 

Specifications of RFID Breakout

The operating voltage of the RFID breakout is +4.5V to +5.5V. The current consumption of the RFID breakout is 50mA. One of the main advantages of this product is that it can operate on low power. It runs at the operating temperature of 0ºC to 80ºC. It has an operational frequency of 125Khz that covers a good range of implementations. On the serial line, the baud rate of RFID breakout is high, which is 9600 bps. The reading distance range of the RFID reader is 0-5 cm that also depends on the tag. It has an integrated antenna that makes the device impeccable.

Working of RFID Breakout

If we go into the details of RFID technology then it comes under the section of the technology of AIDC or Automatic Identification and Data Capture. The benefits of AIDC is that it identifies the data on their own, captures or collects the data, and saves those data for further use without any human interaction. SB Components has enhanced the quality of the RFID system in their RFID breakout that has brought advantages which are related to optimization of resources, scale-up of efficiency, and enhancement of customer care that provides overall improvements in business operations. 

It not only makes the process simple but also enhances the capability of the user. Various industries can utilize the potential of RFID breakout to enhance the profits of their business. An administrator needs to input the data of the people into the readers with the assigned key fobs and cards then provide each person their tags. When a person takes their card or key fob in the range of that particular RFID then the readers would identify that card and then save the data, with date and time, for further usage after capturing it. 

Application of RFID Breakout

There are the following applications of RFID breakout that one can use in their daily life or for commercial use that would facilitate their life

  • Government systems - Government uses RFID technology in its various sectors to make the customer’s experience better. There are various sectors in the government projects, like transportations, where RFID breakout can raise the level of comfort for both the consumer and government that would increase the profits for the government.  
  • Healthcare system - In this crucial time, the healthcare of the people has become a big challenge for the government. It becomes tough for the government to track every person’s health that can be solved by the RFID breakout. RFID breakouts can help a person to reduce medication errors, tracking of the patients, cost reduction, etc. that would help the government to make a better place for their citizens. 
  • Attendance system - An attendance system is one of the projects that has a commercial application in a broad arena in the market. It can be used in schools, colleges, offices, and other places. It would give the user or administrator a better way to perform the task like making payroll data for the employees. The administrator interface has the functionality in which an authorized administrator can add or delete any data related to a key fob or card to access or deny the entry of a person. The administrator also has the advantage of protecting the RFID reader from any unauthorized person to modify data by making the system protected by the password. 
  • Identify Counterfeit Products - This technology is used in the companies on a huge level to avoid the incoming of fake products in the market. Counterfeit products have become one of the main problems for both the companies and consumers that affect on a huge level in almost every industry. A user can stop the incoming of counterfeit products in the market rotation from the usage of RFID breakout. It saves consumers from duplicate products and increases the profits for the companies in their business.   
  • Track products - Many companies are doing business in the market due to which there is a rise in the competition among the business. Products, as well as service quality, should be of high quality to gain more customers in the market. A user can track the goods by the use of RFID breakout that helps the user to make their products safe and secure. In the time of globalization, the traveling of goods has become common among the users. A user can build a system with the help of RFID breakout where they can establish an immaculate delivery system to make their customers satisfied with high efficiency. 
  • Laundry Management system - There are laundry companies where a user can utilize the potential of RFID breakout. A customer can provide any number of clothes to the laundry places that becomes tough for the company to track every cloth in their system. RFID Breakout can be used as a system where the clothes of the customers can be tagged after which it would become easy to track those clothes of the customers. 

There are a variety of applications that can be used by the RFID breakout Board which is available on SB Components. Grab your RFID breakout NOW!


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