Introduction of Relay bit for micro:bit

Introduction of Relay bit for micro:bit - SB Components

A Relay is an electrically operated switch, that is used for controlling a circuit by an independent low power signal. It comprises a set of input terminals for control signals(single or multiple). 

Relay module for micro:bit - SB Components

Overview of Relay bit

SB Components developed Relay bit for micro:bit to provide a solution to the user for controlling low/medium voltage appliances and make their appliances smarter. It gives a decent way of controlling electrical devices that can not be directly controlled by the micro:bit's digital input/output. You can purchase the Relay bit for micro:bit from the given link SB Component Relay bit

How do Relay bits come into existence? 

Many users want to use the micro:bit to control the appliances to make it work in a better way. SB Components designed the Relay bits so that a user can perform the task with the micro:bit. Relay bits are developed by SB Components to control high voltage applications while pursuing task on the micro:bit. If a user wants to run a motor then there might come an issue of a power failure and overloads. SB components developed Relay bits so that one can provide a safeguard to their circuits. Relay bits can also be used in the places where one signal can operate numerous circuits. It was used in the process of telegraphy by the companies that made the communication possible in an efficient way back in the days. The application of the Relays came into the existence of the telephone that raised the quality of the communication.

How does it solve the problem?

Relay for micro:bit is used in the system to realise the logic functions. It provides safety-critical logic in a given circuit that enhances the quality of work of a user. Relay bits are used in this situation to control the high voltage circuits with the low voltage signals.A user can also use the relay bit to provide the time delay function. It helps the user to open and close the circuit with a delay of time. Relays can also be used for protection of the circuit from an unwanted problem of the power. It helps the user to detect and isolate the faults during the transmission and reception of signals.  

Features of Relay bit for micro:bit

Relay bit works on 4 High-quality 3V Relays that load up to 2A/24V DC or 2A/120V AC. It can control up to 4 devices that help the user to become more efficient. Some LEDs connect to the board that indicates the status of each relay. SB Components designed the Relay bit with a standardized shield shape with a compact design. One can make their home/office appliances IoT enabled that increase the quality of the working of the system. It has a dimension of 7 x 4.3 x 1.2 cm with a weight of 100 grams (approx.)


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