Applications of Raspberry Pi Serial Expansion HAT

Applications of Raspberry Pi Serial Expansion HAT

Raspberry Pi Organisation designed the device Raspberry Pi with only a UART port to transmit and receive data over serial communication. It becomes impossible for the user to plug in two or more devices simultaneously with the Raspberry Pi. Serial Expansion HAT is developed by SB Components (UK) to avoid this problem that makes the transmission possible to more than one device.

Pi Serial Expansion


There are numerous applications of using Raspberry Pi Serial Expansion HAT like the followings

  1. GPS tracker - GPS or global positioning system need components like GPS module and GSM module that do not work simultaneously because these mentioned modules work on serial communication. One can connect both the module with the Raspberry Pi serial expansion HAT to run it.
  2. Pi-talk - SB Components (UK) developed a communication device, named PiTalk, which is a modular and IoT enabled smartphone to be developed on Raspberry Pi. Serial expansion HAT connects its components such as NFC, Bluetooth, GSM module, etc. to each other that runs the system.
  3. POS machine - Many companies use the POS or Point On Sale machines to increase the comfort of both their customers and employees in the process of selling the goods. POS has the components NFC, card reader, Bluetooth, GSM, etc. can be connected to serial expansion HAT to run the system adequately.


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