Introduction of RFID Breakout Board

Introduction of RFID Breakout Board

RFID Breakout with 125kHz frequency launched in the market for public consumption on 23rd Nov 2020.

SB Components developed an RFID breakout that helps the user to read the information of ID stored on the RFID key fob and RFID cards. It allows the user to make their premise or data safe from an intruder that might harm physically or financially. 

About RFID breakout

The full form of RFID is “Radio Frequency Identification” and is based on the technology whereby a reader captures the digital data encoded in the RFID tag/ key fob by the signals of radio waves. RFID tags work on the radio frequency that is why one does not need to align it with the reader which makes it work efficiently outside the line of sight. It makes life easy and with multiple applications and high efficiency, it covers a point of solution for numerous users.

How does RFID breakout work?

RFID Breakout system consists of mainly three components: RFID key fob/ card/ tag, antenna, and an RFID reader. The task of the RFID breakout is to analyze the product and identify it and then collect the data about that product. This collected data goes into a predefined system by the user for storage. The tags/keyfob RFID consists of an integrated circuit and antenna which sends the signals to the RFID reader or interrogator. 

What is the need for RFID breakout?

If we trace back the footprints of RFID technology, then it started coming into existence when radio technology was used by companies to identify objects. When Sir Robert Watson watt invented the radar then this similar technology was used back in the days. SB Component designed the RFID breakout to make the identification of the object possible by the usage of Raspberry Pi, laptop/PC, or any other microcontroller. The RFID reader is designed to read and convert the radio signals into data that a person can use in their life with the usage of Raspberry Pi.

Application of RFID breakout for Raspberry Pi

  • ID badging - In the offices, one can develop ID badges for their staff to identify them individually with the help of RFID breakout. It will facilitate the life of the people as well as make the company secured from unwanted access.  
  • Control on the access of a premise - A user can use the RFID breakout assembly with a microcontroller on the access of their premise to avoid entry of unwanted people. One can connect the camera with the RFID breakout so that if any unauthorized person comes in contact with the device then the camera would take the picture of that person.
  • Prevention of fake products - This technology is used in pharmaceutical companies to avoid the incoming of fake products in the market. Counterfeit products have become one of the main problems for both the companies and consumers that affect on a huge level in the pharmaceutical industry. A user can stop the incoming of counterfeit products in the market rotation from the usage of this device. 
  • Tracking of goods - It can track the goods that help the user to make their products safe and secure. In the time of globalization, the traveling of goods has become common among the users. A user can build a system with the help of RFID breakout where they can establish an immaculate delivery system to make their customers satisfied with high efficiency. 

Why did the SB Component develop an RFID breakout?

Raspberry Pi organization introduced one of the compact and powerful single-board computers that got the attention of the people. Numerous individuals use Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, etc. in their day-to-day life. SB Components developed an RFID breakout to assist the user to facilitate their life with the security. They invested their time and money in the developers to make RFID breakout with high efficiency and power. There are billions of users that have the need for the safety of their life, data, money, etc. RFID breakout made an exceptional change in the market that not only secures the life of the user by providing security but also provides them a comfortable space to perform their task. 

Specifications of RFID Breakout

The operating voltage of the RFID breakout is +4.5V to +5.5V. The current consumption of the RFID breakout board is 50mA. One of the main advantages of this product is that it can operate on low power. It runs at the operating temperature of 0ºC to 80ºC. It has a working frequency of 125Khz that covers a good range of implementations. On the serial line, the baud rate of RFID breakout is effective, which is 9600 bps. The reading distance range of the RFID reader is 0-5 cm that also depends on the tag. It has an integrated antenna which makes the device impeccable.


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