New micro: bit V2 - Now with Speaker and Microphone

New micro: bit V2 - Now with Speaker and Microphone

We are glad to say that the micro:bit organization is upgrading the BBC micro:bit. The new micro:bit is designed by the BBC with the in-built microphone and capacitive touch sensor. It is developed with more computing power by the BBC for the efficient working of the user. BBC enhanced the efficiency of the micro:bit to allow the user to increase their horizon of creativity. 

Where can I use the new micro:bit V2?

Digital technology has become common among individuals as it allows people to shop, entertain, communicate. BBC launched the micro:bit to make kids learn the process of creation of technology. It helped a lot of the individuals to learn to program with the understanding of technology. A lot of people pursue to build their robots by DIY kits to fulfil their curiosity to develop robots. The micro:bit is made by BBC for the kids to make the learning process easy. It develops a curiosity among the kids about the process behind a robot. If one wants to make electronic goods like robots, miniature cars, miniature tanks, etc. then they can use micro:bit that provides an easy way to build products.

Features of the BBC micro:bit V2

It has six sensors that are motion, temperature, magnetism, light, sound, and touch. It also supports wireless Radio communication with lights and buttons that made the increment in the technology. One can use different permutations and combinations to make various technological products. A person is the micro:bit fascinating that increases the interest of them into learning programming. There are 85% of teachers that say micro:bit has made the learning of the computer class more enjoyable. More than 90% of the kids say that the computer classes became fun for them.

What BBC micro:bit V2 can do?

The micro:bit consists of advanced peripherals that raise its efficiency that makes the customer happy. It depends on the imagination of the user that how they want to use the potential of the micro:bit. If we talk about the new upgrade of the in-built microphone then it detects the sound and responds to it. It allows the user also to see the level of the noise. One of the best features of the in-built microphone is that it can also measure the level of the noise even in the minimal i.e. everything is quiet. It has speakers that allow the user to play the sound instantly that they create with the system. A user can utilize this music in their inventions that will be great fun. There are the following things that one can do with the help of the micro:bit

  1. It has a sound sensor from which one can program the codes and drop in the memory of the micro: bit. A user can program it to clap their hands and in response to the sound, the micro:bit would make a heart shape on its onboard LED. 
  2. One can program the micro:bit to turn on the lights if a person sings in front of it. The lights of the LED would turn on till the singing stops that would be a good project.
  3. A person can program the micro:bit such that it would listen to the user first and mimic the rhythm of the speech. 

Capacitive touch

BBC has changed the device with the development of new features like capacitive touch in the micro:bit. It would be a good experience for the people with a highly advanced capacitive touch feature. The micro:bit logo has become a touch sensor now that a user can touch to perform the task. BBC made the design of the micro:bit better by using the logo of the micro:bit as a capacity touch arena that saves the space for this new feature on the board. A user can program the codes and algorithms of the react to their touch to make better products and advanced technological items. One should understand that the micro:bit is a compact board that can build highly advanced products. 

Availability of BBC micro:bit V2

We understand that you are happy with the upgrade, that is the reason the BBC is launching this product in November 2020. Just do not lose this opportunity as one can pre-order it on our website. Become the first to use the advanced micro: bit and play or learn with it. The micro:bit has the same previous advanced features with the up-gradation of the new features that raise the level of its greatness. Numerous institutions all over the world are using the micro: bit for teaching digital technology and computational methods. 

Price of the BBC micro:bit V2

The price of the new version of the micro:bit v2 would be the same as the previous that would make the customers glad by the economy of the product. The decision of the price is taken for kids to make them learn programming in a better way. New BBC micro:bit would help the students to gain momentum in their learning process that would make more students better in creating technology for the best.


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