Smart Way To Control Your Home Appliances Using Raspberry Pi & PiRelay v2

Smart Way To Control Your Home Appliances Using Raspberry Pi & PiRelay v2

Start controlling your home appliances by PiRelay V2 for Raspberry Pi to make your home smart which protects the environment and your electricity bill. 


Just imagine you get ready on time for your office! You check your laptop, Pen, wallet then you go out to your office but in the middle of the way, you realize that you forgot to turn off the bulbs of your home. It creates a problem or the people that could hamper their efficiency in their office. Most people wish that if they had a magic wand they could control these problems. PiRelay V2 Relay Shield for Raspberry Pi provides a way to automate the system that helps the user to control their home appliances via their phone.

PiRelay V2 for Raspberry Pi is designed by SB Components to perform the task of openings and closing the circuit electronically as well as electro-mechanically. It allows the user to operate the electrical devices of their  from any of their electronic devices. We have updated the PiRelay V2 from its predecessor by adding an “Optocoupler” that would enhance the safety of the device. 

Safety by Optocoupler

Our team dedicatedly works on providing the best and efficient device to our customers to enhance their efficiency. Optocoupler is a device that uses light energy to transmit an electrical signal between two isolated circuits. It allows the user to separate the circuits from each other which prevents the voltage of one part of the circuit to harm the other part of the circuit. It helps the user significantly to save their devices for better usage in the long run.

Anatomy of PiRelay V2 for Raspberry Pi

Pi Relay V2 is developed by SB Components with the potential to control 4 appliances and loads up to 240V AC/ 7 A, 125V DC/ 10A to provide a way to control the high voltage/current devices. It helps the user to enhance the intelligence of the appliances like fan, tube light, bulb, camera. It provides a better connection of Pi Relay V2 with the Raspberry Pi that gets enabled from the standardized shield form factor. A user can connect the PiRelay V2 with the internet that would give them the ability to control the appliances from their electronic devices. It will make a user turn on or off their devices from their electronic devices like their phone.

Specifications of PiRelay V2 for Raspberry Pi

  • 4 High-quality Relay and loads up to 240VAC/7A, 125VDC/10A.
  • Optocoupler 
  • Standardized shield shape and design.
  • LED working status indicators for each Relay.
  • High-quality Relays.
  • 40-Pin Stacking Header for accessing GPIO of RPi.
  • Connectivity of the Relay with Raspberry Pi without GPIO
  • Pin 2-> 5V
  • Pin 6->GND
  • Pin 29-> Relay 4
  • Pin 31->Relay 3
  • Pin 33-> Relay 2
  • Pin 35-> Relay 1
  • Connectivity using the stack method:
  • GPIO 5, GPIO 6, GPIO 13, and GPIO 19 are used for controlling Relay. But the user can remove the Relay Jumper and select a custom GPIO pin.
  • Relay pins - COM, NO (Normally Open), and NC (Normally Closed) are available for each Relay
  • Comes with development resources, including examples in python
  • Control through PiRelay App
  • Control up to 4 Appliances.
  • Relay Status indicators.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+, 3, 2, Zero.
  • 40 Pin Stacking Header.
  • Control PiRelay V2 through PiRelay V2 Mobile App.
  • Make your home IoT enabled

PiRelay V2 Mobile Application

PiRelay V2 for Raspberry Pi is a wifi-based device that needs a mobile application to control the electrical appliances. Our team has built a mobile application known as “PiRelay” that one can download for efficient usage of the Pirelay V2 for Raspberry Pi. A user needs to put the IP address, in the mobile application, of the connected PiRelay V2 that would allow the user to turn on or off the appliances. 

Application of PiRelay V2 for Raspberry Pi

PiRelay V2 raises the quality of life of the user by the automation of the electrical products. A user does not need to take stress about their electrical goods. It also saves the electricity cost as one can turn off the electrical devices of their home or office from their electronic devices. It is perfect for the people who get anxious over little things as they can see the status of their electrical devices. It does not matter where the user is in the world if they have a mobile device and an internet connection. It would make the home smarter that would release the stress of the user. 

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