Play with PiCube - LED Cube HAT For Raspberry Pi

Play with PiCube LED Cube HAT for Raspberry Pi

Are you a fan of Raspberry Pi? Are you looking for a device that would make your premise beautiful? Do you always get confused while buying a beautiful decorative item? If your answer is yes then we have an astounding solution for all of your worries that is “PiCube”.

PiCube LED Cube for Raspberry Pi

SB Components understand the problems of the market that is why they developed one of the advanced products, PiCube, to make people curious about the device. Let’s understand the concept of PiCube in a detailed manner so that you can take an informed decision before purchasing PiCube.

What is PiCube?

PiCube is a 4x4x4 LED cube HAT for Raspberry Pi with 5V DC operating voltage that made it a mesmerizing product for the users. SB Components research about the process of monochromatic( Red, Blue, Green) LED that made them come with the idea of PiCube. It is the latest product in the range of technologically advanced devices of SB Components.

SB components developed PiCube to perform incandescent operations with low energy consumptions, robust outlook, and easy installation that make people/kids/users learn the effects of LED lights with a different pattern of colours via the combination of software and hardware i.e. Raspberry Pi.

PiCube Specifications

PiCube Features: 

  • 64 high-intensity monochromatic LED's
  • GPIO Based Communication
  • 40-pin stacking header for accessing GPIO of Raspberry Pi
  • Each Layer, as well as each LED, can be individually controlled as per requirements
  • compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 Model b, 3B+, 3, 2, Zero.

Stack PiCube on Raspberry Pi Header Pin

  • Open Terminal and download the repository from our GitHub by running the command:

                               git clone

  • Your code will be downloaded to '/home/pi' directory. Use the 'ls' command to check the list of directories.
  • Go to the 'PiCube' directory using the command:
    cd PiCube
  • Run '', '', '', '' example codes using:
                         sudo python
                         sudo python

Applications of PiCube 4x4x4 LED cube HAT for Raspberry Pi

One of the common questions that come from people about the usage and applications of PiCube in their life. PiCube is designed to provide a fascinating look to the premise by the combination of 64 LED bulbs in the device. There are the following applications of PiCube that enhance the appeal of the product

  • Decorations - Christmas is now over but one problem that is common among a lot of people in the selection of the best decorative items for their home. PiCube is an ultimate decorative item that people can use to decorate their Christmas tree or make their home beautiful by the variety of patterns of bright LED lights.
  • Program Learning - One of the things that become an obstacle in the process of learning programming is the lack of curiosity of the user about the device. PiCube is an enchanting product that gets the attention of the people which makes them learn to program and play with it. Kids can learn easily to program the codes with the help of PiCube that would make them get the knowledge of the software and hardware both. 
  • Musical lights - If you are a fan of music then you can program PiCube by connecting it with Raspberry Pi. A user can use GPIO communication to make a connection between Raspberry Pi and PiCube then program on the software that would link the beats of the music with the LED lights. It would make the users use it to perform a variety of tasks that would enhance their interest. 
  • Entertainment sector - If you are in the entertainment sector like the film industry, event management sector, digital marketing, etc then PiCube is the product you need to raise the quality of your work. There are different patterns that you can use to enhance the beauty of the surroundings of your product like video or premise.

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