Raspberry Pi 4 Protective Case

Raspberry Pi 4 Protective Case

Protective cases are the first thing we need after we buy an electronic gadget or other products. I have even seen people buying cases before their gadgets reach them. Protective cases are used for damage and dust protection of gadgets.

The reasons for buying cases are that they make your gadgets stylish and safe, you can change a cheaper case if it is broken whereas if the gadget is broken it might not work again which will have a higher cost. 

Raspberry Pi 4 has design changes, the Ethernet and USB ports are swapped and two micro HDMI ports are added, so every Raspberry Pi users are surfing Raspberry Pi 4 compatible cases. Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, hobbyists, and programmers are looking for protective hard cases for there new shining Raspberry Pi 4. 

SB Component which has a history of making elegant and innovative protective cases for Raspberry Pis has brought a protective case for awaited Raspberry Pi 4. It provides modish, functional and robust cases that will surely provide firm protection to your Raspberry Pi.


  1. Injection-moulded ABS material,
  2. Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4,
  3. Snap-fit,
  4. Easy GPIO access,
  5. Wall mountable

The new Raspberry Pi 4 case gives subtle access to all its GPIOs and peripherals including micro HDMI, power port, CSI display, and camera port. The case is a two-piece injection-molded ABS enclosure that incorporates snap-fit mounting points that hold the Raspberry Pi securely in place. It provides tough protection for the Raspberry Pi along with access to all the Pi consumer ports as well as DSI, camera and GPIO connectors.

Raspberry pi 4 case

Buy Raspberry Pi 4 Black Case

Raspberry Pi 4 case

Buy Raspberry Pi 4 Clear Case

This case provides easy access to ports while protecting the Raspberry Pi from dust and damage. 

The other major feature of this case is its wall-mountable design which gives the user the freedom to tag their RPi on walls. The case is a two-piece injection-molded ABS enclosure which is harder than normal plastic cases available. The case is available in two variants clear case and black case. The clear case is transparent, which allows users to watch through the case while the black case is not transparent.

Visit SB Components shop for more cases and products.

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1 thought on “Raspberry Pi 4 Protective Case

Mikko Tuumanen

How about making a raspberry pi 4 case that protects the micro-hdmi-connectors?

I mean some extra plastic around the hdmi cables so that the case would lock the hdmi connectors in place and prevent damaging the raspberry pi by bending the connectors.

And perhaps same for the usb-c connector too.

October 10, 2019 at 09:49am

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