The Raspberry Pi based Smartphone - SB Components

The Raspberry Pi based Smartphone - SB Components

Ever thought of a self-customized smartphone? We have everything set up for you. In this article, I’m going to cover a Raspberry Pi based 3G module with a touchscreen display that makes up the PiTalk. PiTalk may not look like other smartphones available in the market but it can help you understand the working of mobile phones and its applications. PiTalk is the first smartphone developed on Raspberry Pi.

Set of AT commands is used to communicate with UMTS/HSDPA module, from making phone calls to sending messages everything has a command. All the resources are available on Github.

PiTalk will help you learn

  • Serial communication
  • Use of AT Commands
  • GUI design on Tkinter python
  • Using threads
  • Touchscreen LCD interface with Raspberry Pi

Things you will need

What is PiTalk?

PiTalk is a Raspberry Pi-based DIY smartphone kit. PiTalk kit includes a PiTalk module, Raspberry Pi, and LCD Screen. PiTalk has lots of applications available like making phone calls, sending text messages, internet on Raspberry Pi, take pictures and videos, play games, etc. 

PiTalk has everything which a smartphone has with more software and hardware capabilities. You can develop your own applications, modify codes according to your needs, and learn concepts of Linux, python, and shell. Or add up some circuit, sensors, LEDs, peripherals and much more to your hardware to make it cooler.

About Hardware

PiTalk has customizable hardware with 3 display options, meaning that you can change the size of the phone by changing the LCD screen from bigger to smaller ones.

PiTalk module is Raspberry Pi compatible module with 3G support featuring a maximum data rate of 3.6Mbps downlink and 384Kbps uplink. PiTalk has USB, UART and ADC interface for communication, ADC interface is for analog to digital conversion as Raspberry doesn’t have its own ADC interface. It has two audio I/O channel, power indicator LED, NET LIGHT for network activity status.

LCD screen available in the PiTalk DIY kit takes user input and output system data. There are 3 LCD screen options 3.2, 4, 5 inches available, programming codes for all three LCDs are available on Github

The Overall assembled PiTalk is heavier than other smartphones available in the market,  but this Smartphone is more customizable. PiTalk can be a good source of learning. 

PiTalk Software

Python is used for GUI interface designing and communicating with PiTalk module for PiTalk. PiTalk GUI is designed using the Tkinter module of python. It has multiple frames for different applications. You can develop and modify your own application frames. For LCD and other setup shell script is used.

For more information on PiTalk application, Readout our blog PiTalk - Graphical User Interface

Applications of PiTalk

PiTalk is not just a smartphone, it can be interfaced with any of your other projects. There are various applications of PiTalk. With PiTalk you can develop your own application. Some of the applications for PiTalk are - 

PiTalk’s hardware might not look like a smartphone available in the market, but it is fully customizable which makes it unique. PiTalk might not be used as a regular smartphone but to an enthusiast, it is full of customizable creativity and learning. 

PiTalk will give you an understanding of how your smartphones work with all the applications.

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