Smart Letterbox with Mail Alert System

Smart Letterbox

This is a Smart Solution for the Mailbox as you don’t have to check your Mailbox every day again and again, if there should be any mail in it, it will be displayed as a notification on the LCD display Screen, and now no keys are required to access Mail just scan your register badge and the door opens

And you can even add new people or delete existing users to allow or deny them access to your Mailbox.You can perform the same action through the website app

There are six steps that are been used here to maintain and run the device accordingly:

  1. Preparing the electronics
  2. Establishing the database model
  3. Creating and assembling the case
  4. Connecting components to the case
  5. Programming part (includes all the parts of the programming from
  6. Installing to automation to import the file to run)


Via Instructable 



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