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Raspberry Pi Pico Relay Board

Raspberry Pi Pico Relay Board

£14.99 GBP
Raspberry Pi Pico Relay Board can control up to 4 appliances and loads up to 250V AC@ 7A, 30V DC@ 10A. It provides a way for the users to control the...
Raspberry Pi Pico RFID

Raspberry Pi Pico RFID Expansion

£24.99 GBP
Raspberry Pi Pico RFID Expansion is the latest technology in the range of SB Components products boasting an advanced RFID Reader at the frequency of 125KHz with a compact design...
Pico 1.28” Round Display HAT

1.28” Round LCD HAT for Pico

£22.99 GBP£19.99 GBP
Pico 1.28” Round LCD HAT is a 1.28-inch display HAT with 240 x 240 resolution, 65K RGB colors, clear and colorful displaying effect, and a joystick, designed for the Raspberry...
Raspberry Pi Pico Real time Clock


£19.49 GBP
Pico RTC HAT is a Real-Time clock expansion module with the powerful IC DS3231, backup battery holder, operating voltage of 3.3 V, and Fast (400kHz) I2C Interface that measures the...