Zero Relay - 2 Channel 5V Relay Board for Raspberry Pi

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Zero Relay provides a solution for controlling high current/voltage devices and makes your home appliances intelligent. It could be a nice solution for controlling devices that could not be directly controlled by RPi's Digital I/Os. The standardized shield form factor enables a smooth connection with Raspberry Pi and compatibles.

It is a 2 channel relay shield with 7A 250 Volts AC output and 10A 30Volts DC output ratings. Zero Relay is designed for triggering at high voltage levels. 

The relay channel 1 and 2 are connected with pin number 15 and 29 of the Raspberry Pi respectively. The channels are configurable and can be connected with other pins as well with the help of headers.


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Note: Raspberry Pi is not included, it's only for the reference.

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