16 Channel 12-bit Servo Driver - I2C Interface Module, Servo Driver for micro:bit

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16 Channel servo driver for micro:bit allows you to monitor 16 servo motors with 12-bit resolution per channel through the I2C interface. The power source can be 5 volts via the USB connector or 6 to 12 volts via the screw link VIN.

This microbit servo driver board is equipped with a 5V voltage regulator that can deliver up to 3A of current. It has I2C control pins that can be used with other control boards. It's easy to use and compatible with the majority of servos on the market.Servo Driver for microbit16 channel servo driver for micro bitServo driver for microbit featuresServo driver for microbit SpecificationsServo driver for micro bit SpecificationsServo driver for micro bit ApplicationsServo driver for micro bit applicationServo driver for microbit Pin outmicro bit servo drivermicrobit servo drivermicrobit servo driver 16 channel servo controller

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  • 1 x Servo Driver only


Note: micro:bit is not included

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