BoomBit - Music Player for microbit

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BoomBit is a compact and powerful music player with Volume Controller, 3.5 mm audio jack, hand-free speaker, headphones support and 3.3 V Operating Voltage. BoomBit, a speaker for your micro:bit and micro: bit V2 which is best for the kids and tech-enthusiasts. We love to program with the micro:bit. But looks like something is missing? Like a sound? But now, it comes with a twist! 

micro:bit is a name that fascinates every kid and enthusiast to learn more about programming and computers than just being the consumers of media. We have been using the micro:bit for a variety of projects that helps us understand this controller's features and functions. BoomBit Music Player for micro bitboombit FeaturesBoomBit FeaturesBoomBit SpecificationsBoomBit SpecificationsBoomBit ApplicationsBoomBit ApplicationsBoomBit hardware SpecsBoomBit HardwareBoomBit pinoutBoomBit pinoutBoomBit Learning ResourcesBoomBit - Music Player for microbitBoomBit Kit Content

Note: No micro:bit Board Included.

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