Lens for the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

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The perfect partner to the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera!  These high-quality lenses have been tried and tested by the Raspberry Pi Foundation as an ideal starter pairing to their latest camera.

16mm telephoto lens 6mm wide angle lens
Resolution 10MP 3MP
Image format 1" 1/2"
Aperture F1.4-16 F1.2
Mount C CS
Field Angle 1" 44.6°× 33.6° 63°
2/3" 30.0°× 23.2°
1/1.8" 24.7°× 18.6°
1/2" 21.8°× 16.4°
Back focal length 17.53mm 7.53mm
M.O.D 0.2m 0.2m
Dimensions φ39.00×50.00mm φ30×34mm



Blog: Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera Lens Introduction for Beginners

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