Pico Breadboard Kit

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Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit is a multi-purpose Kit that consists of a “400 points half-size breadboard” on top,  a Programmable Buzzer, 4 Programmable LEDs, 4 Push buttons, and dedicated 5V, 3v3, and GND pins at a single place. SB Components developed Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit with advanced features like independently controllable LEDs, Switches, a 400 points half-size breadboard that helps the user to prototype their projects with Raspberry Pi Pico in an efficient way. 

Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit can be interfaced with Raspberry Pi Pico from which a user can run electronics experiments, prototypes, mini robots, games, interact with Linux-ready Raspberry Pi, Exploration of circuits, etc. One can also connect external components with the breadboard provided on the top of the Raspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit.Pico Breadboard kitPico Breadboard kit featuresRaspberry Pi Pico Breadboard kit specifiactionsraspberry Pi Pico Breadboard Kit SpecifiactionsRaspberry Pi Pico Breadboard kit ApplciationsRaspberry Pi Pico Breadboard ApplicationsPico Breadboard KitPico Breadboard kitBreadboard kit for Raspberry Pi Pico BoardPico Breadboard kitPico Breadboard Kit Learning ResourcesPico breadboard Kit Learning Resources

Pico Kit Content

Note: No Raspberry Pi Pico Board Included. Buy Now 

Pico Breadboard Kit Video

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