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Raspberry Pi Pico WiFi HAT is a compact and easy-to-use WiFi HAT for the Raspberry Pi Pico that includes an ESP8266 module, IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Standard, 3.3 V Operating Voltage, UART Communication interface, and a 40-pin GPIO extension header that can be controlled via AT Command and supports TCP/UDP communication protocol.

Pico WiFi HAT also includes a 1.14-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 135 pixels, 65K RGB colours, and a sharp and vivid exhibiting effect, designed primarily for user engagement via SPI connection by incorporating a GPIO header. The 1.14-inch LCD includes the ST7789 Driver with SPI Interface, decreasing the amount of IO pins required.

It's a simple way to enable WiFi on the Raspberry Pi Pico, making it suitable for a variety of IoT communication projects. It is intended for developers of all skill levels, from the most experienced to those who are just getting started with IoT devices.Pico WiFi HAT main-bannerPcio Wifi HAt FeaturesPico WiFi HAT featuresPico WiFi HAT SpecificationsPico Wireless Module HATRapsberry pi Pico Wifi HAT ApplicationsRPi Pico WiFi HAT applicationRPi Pico WiFi HAT hardwareRPi Pico WiFi HAT DimensionPico Wifi HAt GitHubPico Wifi HAT GitHub PagePico Wifi HAt Learnign ResourcesPico WiFi HAt Learnign ResourcesRPi Pico WiFi HAT Kit Content



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