RFID Expansion for micro:bit

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RFID Expansion for micro:bit is an RFID device with an updated UART interface running at the frequency of 125KHz, Programmable Buzzer, two Dedicated slots for Servo Motor Interfacing, USB power port, and a compact design that compatibles with all the variants of micro:bit, V1 and V2 both. It is developed with an expansion header to connect the RFID module with micro:bit via easy stacking.Buy RFID for microbit In UKmicrobit RFID ExpansionRFID Expansion for BBC microbitmicrobit RFID Expansionmicrobit RFDI Specificationmicrobit RFID ApplicationsRFID Expansion for BBC microbitmicrobit RFID  DimensionBBC microbit RFID 3D fileRFID Pinout for microbitmicrobit RFID pinoutmicrobit RFID Resourcesmicrobit RFID GitHubMicrobit RFID Expansion learning ResourcesMicrobit RFID Expansion learning resourcesBBC RFID

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