Approved Resellers and Distributors of Raspberry Pi

Approved Resellers and Distributors of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Organization has revolutionized the computer industry with its single-board computer. They built an amazing single board compact device that a user can use in the place of their computer. Ever since the Raspberry Pi launched their devices back in 2012 a lot of people want to grab this opportunity to purchase this modern device. The Raspberry Pi organization has been working on providing this advanced technology to every country possible at affordable rates.  

What is the Approved Reseller program?

The Raspberry Pi organization runs a program with the name of “Approved Reseller Program” in which the organization of Raspberry Pi recognizes the seller that represents their products well in the market. It helps the users to get protection from the counterfeit products which will help to purchase the best product in the market. It is the process designed to make the purchasing process easier for the customers. One can go to the website of the Raspberry Pi and look for the approved resellers like for Raspberry Pi 4 UK that would tell them about the approved resellers in the United Kingdom.

Which countries come under this program?

A lot of companies in the market that do the business on Raspberry Pi wholesale or retail which confuse the people about where they should purchase the product. Raspberry Pi launched the Approved Reseller Program that is in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, and South Africa on the first day of this program. The Raspberry Pi organization has planned to launch this program in other countries also. They have also launched this program recently to Brazil and India to provide the products to customers of these countries for their usage. The expansion of this program is gaining momentum and there is a high possibility that Raspberry Pi launched this program to new countries in the meantime of the publishing of this blog.

Which companies are the Reseller of the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi organization launched one of the awaited products Raspberry Pi 4 4gb that got the attention of the people. They also launched Raspberry Pi 4 in an 8GB version that changed the whole market. The 8gb variant of Raspberry Pi 4 is not just compact but also one of the powerful devices that they launched in the market. A tech enthusiast or hobbyist can go to their nearest retailers of the Raspberry Pi 4 products that would make them purchase the best product. There are numerous resellers of Raspberry Pi in the market and if one wants to know those companies then they can visit Raspberry Pi for more information. One can simply search online for the distributors in any country, for example, search online for the Raspberry Pi distributors in UK then numerous listed companies will come on the search that is listed in the United Kingdom. There are companies like SB Components Pvt Ltd which are the topmost companies in the market but one can go to other companies also. One can choose any of these companies for the products of Raspberry Pi as all these above-mentioned companies lie under an approved reseller program. 

Why does the Raspberry Pi use distributor networks to sell the products?

Many people all around the world want to buy Raspberry Pi 4, which is one of the prominent products of Raspberry Pi products. There are Raspberry Pi 4 accessories that one wants to purchase then one of the questions arises why Raspberry Pi does not sell products directly to the customer. One of the main reasons is the lack of business relationships directly with the customers. If Raspberry Pi wants to sell its products all over the world then they need to do a huge investment in different countries to start a shop or outlet. It would become hard for the company to execute this in every part of the world instead of this, they can do business with the distributors. Distributors perform impeccably in the business that raises the profits of the Raspberry Pi. A distributor in the market maintains a good relationship with the customers that increases the quality of the business. A person can buy any Raspberry Pi product like Raspberry Pi 4 8GB from the listed distributor. It makes the purchasing process smoother for the customers that increase the business for the company. 

How do the distributors help in the increment of the quality of business?   

One of the best benefits of using the distributors is that they have the expertise in sales and marketing. These resellers or distributors have a team of professionals that helps to make the process of connecting the brand of a company to the customer in a better way. Let’s take an example, If one looks for the Raspberry Pi resellers in UK then they can see SB Components that is one of the pioneers in the industry. They have built their team to improve the marketing and sales of the products. SB Components is one of the known names in the market that already have a customer base that helps the Raspberry Pi to sell their products to their customers. The resellers invest the money in their offices, storage spaces, employees, and other things that increase the level of business. It raises the quality of the business also like if a person is in India then they can look for the Raspberry Pi distributors in India. They can visit the official website of Raspberry Pi to get the information about the distributors to buy any product of Raspberry Pi

How do resellers give benefits to their customers?

Resellers or distributors do not only benefit the company but also the customers. One of the problems that come with setting up companies in a different part of the world is the language. There would be a difference at the outlet of Raspberry Pi distributors in US or at the Raspberry Pi distributors in Europe as there comes a huge change in the language, accent, culture, and other things. A single entity has to do hard work to start hiring people from different countries to set up their outlets, that is a long process. Now Raspberry Pi started the business with the distributors and resellers like SB Components to improve the efficiency of the task. It made the people of a country buy the products from the distributors that are from the same countries. It builds trust over the product by the good will of the distributor or Reseller that also increases the business in different countries. There are numerous questions that one has about the product of Raspberry Pi that they can find out by talking to their local distributors or resellers. If there are any complaints or feedback a customer wants to provide then they can communicate to the Reseller in their native language also.

Benefits of hiring the resellers for the business?

It becomes tough for a person to consume that resellers or distributors can increase the business because of the lack of knowledge about the benefits of this business process. There are the following benefits

  • Easy access - Raspberry Pi companies have their resellers and distributors all around the world due to which they can do business all around the world without physically being present at that place. There are Raspberry Pi distributors in Asia that help both the customers and Raspberry Pi to connect due to the access given by resellers and distributors without any cultural obstacles.
  • Storage - There are numerous resellers of Raspberry Pi that maintain the quality of the work in a better manner. Companies like SB Components have big storage houses in which they can store high numbers of stocks of Raspberry Pi products that would increase the flow of supply into the market.
  • Investment - The resellers invest their own money on the increment of the sales of the Raspberry Pi product. It helps in connecting the customer to Raspberry Pi products with the help of marketing. All the investment managed by the resellers that also increase the business of the resellers.

How to choose the best Reseller of Raspberry Pi in the market?

People become confused while selecting the best Reseller of Raspberry Pi in the market. A lot of individuals in the market have the same problems that resist them to purchase a product of Raspberry Pi. There are Raspberry Pi distributors Worldwide that supply the products of the Raspberry Pi in the market that sometimes become hard for the customers to select the best Reseller. There are following things one should do to find out the best Reseller nearby 

  • Internet - One should use the internet to find out the reviews of the Reseller and distributors in the market. A lot of customers post their feedback about the product and Reseller that would help a person to select the outlet for them.
  • Credentials - One should ask for the credentials of a distributor or Reseller of Raspberry Pi to look at the quality of their services and products. 
  • Visit - One should visit some outlets of resellers or distributors of Raspberry Pi to look at their services in an explanatory way. 


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