Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit: Overview of Next-Generation Pi

Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit: Overview of Next-Generation Pi

New segment of Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit has advanced embedded features, that has the capability to replace the modern day computers. 

The organization Raspberry Pi made the people mesmerized with their revolutionary single-board computer Raspberry Pi that launched in 2012. Raspberry Pi organization did not stop there and started to enhance the efficiency of their single-board computer. They changed the design of the Raspberry Pi compact computer with numerous Add ons that raise the quality of the product. In the latest product, the Raspberry Pi organization launched the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit by targeting the people who are do-it-yourselves. The cost of the latest Kit of Raspberry is cheaper than one would pay for their food at a restaurant.

The latest Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit is already proven to be a hit amongst the hobbyist or tech enthusiast. It gives power to a person to replace their PC with this cheap but powerful device. Numerous individuals need to enhance the quality of their projects by better computing or internet connectivity then they can use the Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit. The Raspberry Pi 4 provides one of the powerful devices at the cheapest price possible that is a huge leap forward in the arena of technology. 

What is a Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit?

Many people are buying the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop as a gift for their friends or family members that are the budding coder or tech fanatic. It became a trend among the people to get the stylish, cheap, and powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit. One can use this Kit to make their computer that might replace their PC. Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit comes with all the components or accessories that one needs to hook up the Raspberry Pi to an HDMI monitor or TV and start working on it.

What is the first impression of Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop?

At first, a user might doubt the power of Raspberry Pi 4 as it is tough to believe that an advanced product can come in a cheap price range. The dual monitor support not only works in a better manner but also runs smoothly without showing any detrimental effect on the machine’s performance. It is expected that the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop might get slow in between the process but that is not the case with this advanced technology. 

What is the specification of Raspberry Pi 4?

  • System-on-a-chip: Broadcom BCM2711   
  • Processor: Quad-core 1.5GHz Arm Cortex-A72 based processor
  • Memory: 2/4/8GB LPDDR4 RAM
  • Connectivity: 802.11ac Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Video and sound: 2 x micro-HDMI ports supporting 4K@60Hz displays via HDMI 2.0, MIPI DSI display port, MIPI CSI camera port, 4 pole stereo output, and composite video port
  • Ports: 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Power: 5V/3A via USB-C, 5V via GPIO header
  • Expandability: 40-pin GPIO header

What comes with the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit?

Raspberry Pi organization provides all the things with the Kit that is required for a person to assemble it in the form of a computer. There are following things that come with the Desktop Kit

  1. Raspberry Pi 4  - This product is developed by the Raspberry Pi organization that is the heart of the computer. It is available in 2/4/8 GB variants that provide speed to the user that increases the efficiency of the task.
  1. Official Raspberry Pi keyboard - The new official Raspberry Pi keyboard is designed by the Raspberry Pi organization to fulfil the requirements by understanding the needs of the user of Raspberry Pi 4. The keyboard is aesthetically pleasing and provides good quality functioning. The keyboard comes in various language variants like US keyboard, UK keyboard, German keyboard, AU keyboard, ES keyboard, Fr keyboard, IN keyboard, IT keyboard, EU keyboard.    
  2. Official Pi mouse - The keyboard gets paired with a stylish and lightweight mouse that compliments the aesthetics of the system of Raspberry Pi. It is comfortable to use that enhances the quality of the system.
  3. Official Raspberry Pi case - Raspberry Pi developed a two side ABS construction case to protect the Raspberry Pi 4 or any other of its variant. The case protects Raspberry Pi single-board computers from the dust, scratches, coffee spills, and other mis happenings.   
  4. Official Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide - Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit comes with a beginner's guide that contains a detailed documentation of this product. It helps one to get the information that is required to run the system efficiently. This guide also contains the information to build various projects that helps one to get introduced to the world of coding.
  5. Official Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Adapter - Raspberry Pi organization updated its power supply into the USB-C power adapter. It made the increment in the speed of supply by the new adapter that helps the user to provide the power to their new computer. The system gets all the power to run the program while using the Add ons and HATs. 
  6. 16GB Micro sd cards with NOOBS - One just needs to plug in this and start using the system. The card comes with the pre-installed NOOBS that is an acronym of “New Out Of Box Software”. NOOBS is an easy operating system installation manager for the Raspberry Pi.  
  7. Raspberry Pi Micro HDMI leads(2x) - The Kit contains two micro HDMI connectors that let the user run two monitors simultaneously from one device.

What are the advantages of using a Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit?

The Raspberry Pi 4 has the size of a credit card but is a highly technologically advanced computer. The Desktop Kit of Raspberry Pi comes with the 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB RAM modules that open up a new trajectory of the functionality of Raspberry Pi. It enhances the perspective of the user that makes a user perform various tasks on their system. The Raspberry Pi 4 is like a dream for a coder as the system is cheap, low power, and highly advanced. Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit is not just a bare circuit but comes with the above-mentioned accessories that enhance the user experience. 

Raspberry Pi 4 has more power than traditional usage of computers that increases the appeal of this device. The latest model Raspberry Pi 4 has changed a lot from its previous generations of single-board computers. The previous models have a single USB 2.0 bridge to handle the ETHERNET that did not make the internet surfing experience smooth for the user. The Raspberry Pi changed the configuration of the Raspberry Pi 4 to make it work better in the usage of handling the internet. Raspberry Pi setup a dedicated link in the new model of Raspberry Pi with 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports with a slot for MicroSD card for storage.

The added features in the Raspberry Pi 4 increase the power requirement of the system. The Raspberry Pi organization solved this issue by connecting the supply with USB-C. The Raspberry Pi 4 has four times the memory than the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that also makes the new model faster than the previous ones. The users are fascinated by the design of the latest design of Raspberry Pi as the organization of Raspberry Pi made the new model with higher power while keeping the size of the board the same. The components of the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit can easily be connected to the monitors that help one to run the system.

The Raspberry Pi 4 provides the output of 4k displays that supports two monitors simultaneously and capable of 4k video playback. 

How to assemble the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit?

A user can find all the knowledge to assemble the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop in the beginner's guide that comes with the Kit. There are the following steps to assemble the system

  1. Take out the MicroSD card from the sleeve and then place it into the MicroSD slot of the Raspberry Pi 4. 
  2. Connect the keyboard with the micro cable to the Raspberry Pi 4. 
  3. Plugin the mouse with the keyboard. The keyboard has the dedicated slots designed for the mouse. 
  4. Plugin HDMI cable to the Monitor and Raspberry Pi 4 to connect both. 
  5. Connect the power of Raspberry Pi 4 with USB C connector to provide the power supply to the system.
  6. Just like a PC/laptop, Raspberry Pi 4 also has the feature to connect to the network using an Ethernet cable. WiFi can also be used but for that, you need to add your SSID and password settings. For the first setup, you need to use an Ethernet cable if you want to connect it to VNC (for remote connection). Without Ethernet, you can not get the IP of your Pi that is essential when connecting over VNC.
  7. Use the rubber feet on the back of the Raspberry Pi case to make it stable on the place.


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