7 Most Affordable Cases For Raspberry Pi

7 Most Affordable Cases For Raspberry Pi

The protection of a device is the most important thing for a user after the performance of the product. If a product is powerful but does not have any protection then it might make a loss in the life of the user. Protective cases are designed by the companies to protect the gadget from dust, damage, or any unwanted accident. 

Introduction of Cases for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Organization launched one of the powerful and compact products which is Raspberry Pi 4 Single Board Computer. People who have the enthusiasm for technology, understand the power of Raspberry Pi 4. Most of the users search online for the Best Raspberry Pi 4 Cases to give protection to their gadget. The cases are designed by the SB Components Ltd and one can check out their products to protect the Raspberry Pi 4 with the help of cases. The design of the cases is very user friendly that not only provides safety but also gives a stylish look to the gadget. One can save their expensive Raspberry Pi 4 Board by providing high-quality protection for Raspberry Pi board at cheap prices. 

What is the working process of the cases?

The cases are developed by SB components, that is an authorised reseller of Raspberry Pi, to provide the best protection to the Raspberry Pi 4 or any of its modules. The cases are in two parts that join with each other like pieces of puzzles on a snap. One can fit these two pieces together easily which makes the working of the process easier for the user. It makes an individual guard their powerful Raspberry Pi 4 with a case that is also easy to use for a person. The cases are strong that have adequate space for the Raspberry Pi 4 or its module. The working of the user does not hamper because of the cases that become efficient for the user.

How did the cases for Raspberry Pi come into existence?

One of the most common complaints that came from the user is that there is no outer case that can shield their Raspberry Pi. It is tough for a person to give 24 hours of safety to their Raspberry Pi that is close to impossible. Raspberry Pi organization saw this problem also that made them develop the cases for their users which is an official entry of the cases from the end of the Raspberry Pi organization. The new Raspberry Pi 4 case was launched with stylish designs with enough space for Raspberry Pi 4 to operate efficiently. Raspberry Pi organization made the case with high quality, two parts ABS construction. ABS is the acronym for the “Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene”, which are the monomers, that is an impact-resistant engineering thermoplastic and is best suited for protection. ABS is strong and durable that fulfills the requirements of an individual.

Fake Raspberry Pi cases in the market

The design of the Raspberry Pi 4 changed from its traditional designs that made the users look for the Raspberry Pi 4 cases. There is a huge fan base of Raspberry Pi with millions of users. Most of the users are tech enthusiasts that want to guard their precious Raspberry Pi against any unwanted accident or dust. The increment in the demand of the Raspberry Pi also generated an increment of the demand of Cases. It also increased the counterfeit of the cases that comes in cheap qualities. One should be aware of the fake cases as these products are not designed properly for the protection of the Raspberry Pi that might harm the gadget. 

How SB Component changed the market of cases?

Raspberry Pi 4 came up with a lot of design changes like there is a change in the position of the Ethernet and USB ports as these two are swapped by the Raspberry Pi organization to make it work better with a new design. There are two micro HDMI ports also that are added in the Raspberry Pi 4. The tech enthusiast started looking for the different types of cases so that they use their Raspberry Pi 4. Many users have the HAT(Hardware Attached on Top) or Add ons that they use on their Raspberry Pi 4 but do not have the perfect case that can contain both the Raspberry Pi 4 and HAT(or Add ons). SB Components then launched varieties of the case for different add ons and HAT for the Raspberry Pi to make the user perform the task with no obstacle. A user can select the best case according to their task that would help them to perform the task in a better way. SB Components also provide the HAT or Add-Ons for Raspberry Pi in the market that makes cases also with exceptional features. SB Components have developed numerous cases that are elegant and protective cases for Raspberry Pi.

Features of the SB Component’s cases

There are a lot of features of the strong and affordable SB Component’s cases which one does not know in a detailed manner. There are following features of the SB Component’s cases

  • Design - The design of the case of SB Components is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi 4 gets enough space to get contained in the case which provides maximum protection. 
  • Easy usage - A user can simply snap the two pieces ABS together around the Raspberry Pi 4 that creates a strong case that firmly places it efficiently. 
  • Easy access - This case provides strong support to the Raspberry Pi 4 while providing easy access to the connectors like dual micro HDMI, Audio/Video, USB, and Ethernet ports, as well as the USB-C power connector and to the microSD card.
  • ABS - The cases developed by injection molded ABS material that is strong and durable. 
  • Snap-fit - It is one of the best features of the SB Component’s case as the case comes in two parts that connect by a snap-fit.

What is the best place to buy the Raspberry Pi 4 cases?  

A lot of users of Raspberry Pi 4 are searching the internet for the best Raspberry Pi 4 cases to improve the quality of the task. It becomes tough for a person to find the best case in the market that have numerous companies that are selling the same product. One of the fears of a user is from the fake products that could also harm their system. If a person is looking for the best Raspberry Pi cases then one can visit SB Components to purchase the best cases. SB components are the “Authorised Reseller” of the product Raspberry Pi for many years that tells about the high level of the quality of SB Component’s product. SB Component developed new ideas and execution plans for their product that does not only provide an impeccable quality but also enhance the efficiency of the Raspberry Pi. Since the establishment of SB Components, they have been providing functional, elegant, and robust cases, and all are manufactured by our wide experienced designers.

High quality of SB Component’s cases

In the whole world, there are no other suppliers that can match the quality offered by the SB Component to their valuable customers. The main motto of SB Component is to provide modish, functional, and robust cases that will surely provide firm protection to Raspberry Pi 4. With SB Components, One will find a vast range of cases in a variety of designs and colors.

Now, let’s take a glance at some of the best cases that are available 

  1. Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W case - These are one of the elegant and stylish cases that are developed especially for the Zero/Zero W models of Raspberry Pi. These cases do not just offer protection from dust but also make the Raspberry Pi 4 stylish. 
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 Case with ON Switch - In this case, SB Component added one of the best features that are an ON or reset button for Raspberry Pi 3. The company provides an easy way to switch on or reset the Raspberry Pi 3 by pressing the switch that is inbuilt into this case. This case helps the user to save their time by ending the hassle of removing the power cable. It is compatible with all the operating systems because it does not depend on any software.
  3. Raspberry Pi Camera Case - One of the problems that come with the Raspberry Pi camera lens is that the camera lens does not have a place to mount for which SB Components developed Raspberry Pi Camera case. This case is meant to protect the assembly of Raspberry Pi that also includes the fragile camera lens. The cases are developed by the SB Components to provide robust protection from all the corners and allows the user to access the connectors. The case is made up of high-quality ABS and the injection molding procedure that makes the case durable and tough. The case has an adequate space that keeps the Raspberry Pi on its location. 
  4. Raspberry Pi LCD case - Now the user can protect both the Raspberry Pi and LCD screen with this case that SB Components especially developed to serve this purpose. The availability of the case is in three parts that enclose the LCD and Raspberry Pi together efficiently and firmly in place. If one uses this case then they are able to keep the Raspberry Pi and 3.2” TFT LCD screen firmly in place. 
  5.  Raspberry Pi 4 clear case - SB Component launched “Raspberry Pi 4 clear case” which has an elegant and innovative design that is developed specifically for Raspberry Pi 4. The case is transparent and makes the Raspberry Pi 4 look better while providing it safety. The clear case is built by the procedure of a two-piece injection-molded ABS enclosure that incorporates snap-fit mounting points that hold the Raspberry Pi in a secure place. It provides tough protection against the dust or unwanted accident to the Raspberry Pi 4 along with access to all the Pi consumer ports as well as DSI, camera, and GPIO connectors. 
  6. Raspberry Pi 4 Black case - It is one of the enchanting designs that attract the people to use it for the protection of their Raspberry Pi 4. It is an innovative black case that is a two-piece injection-molded ABS that makes the case tough and durable. The two pieces of the case connect and incorporate snap-fit mounting points that keep the Raspberry Pi 4 securely at a single place. The case provides 360-degree tough protection to the Raspberry Pi 4 along with all the access to all the Pi consumer ports as well as DSI, camera, and GPIO connectors.
Raspberry Pi 2/3/3B+ Box Case - SB Components built an elegant and creative case for protection that are developed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3, 3B+, and Pi Camera. All the cuts in the case are pre-cut that enhance the design of the case. I/O connector can be accessed via a slot inside of the enclosure. The two pieces of the case connect and incorporate snap-fit mounting points that keep the Raspberry Pi 4 securely at a single place. The case provides 360-degree tough protection to the Raspberry Pi 4 along with all the access to all the Pi consumer ports as well as DSI, camera, and GPIO connectors.


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