Introducing EncroPi - Explore Data Logging & Real-time Clock

Introducing EncroPi - Explore Data Logging & Real-time Clock

Hello family, We're Introducing EncroPi - a Smart USB RTC with several other feature to explore. Excited!

USB peripherals (commonly known as “flash drives”), memory cards, and external hard drives all make backing up and sharing your data simple. And they are becoming more critical as modern-day schooling, work, and life are increasingly awash in data. But what happens if you lose or misplace one of these devices? the result is a damaging data breach, Data breaches can be avoided if you encrypt your USB peripherals and external storage devices.

Everyone is aware of RTC (that allows you to measure the passage of time while you build advanced products and gadgets) along with the RTC feature EncroPi can be used as USB Data logger, USB Encryption, Create Custom Enryption, RealTime Data and more...

What is a Data logger & Encyption used for?

A data logger is an instrument that monitors and records changes in conditions over time. They can be single, stand-alone units or consist of multiple channels. Most stand-alone units are battery-powered, allowing them to record while in transit and for extended periods of time.

USB control and encryption helps to protect your valuable data by encrypting it (or the portable device it is stored on) before it leaves the corporate network. It does this by enforcing encryption Algorithm on authorized flash drives, while disallowing the use of unauthorized portable devices on protected endpoints.

EncroPi can be an amazing product for those who want to explore the data logging, creating custom encryption Algorithm and more, EncroPi is powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller Dual ARM Cortex-M0+ cores, MicroSD card slot for storing your data and more, Onboard Display in which can be customised for several application, EncroPi also has coin cell battery holder for real time clock device & it can also automatically detect a power failure and reset to the backup coin-cell supply.

EncroPi maintains real-time control over endpoint computers, as well as, round-the-clock USB monitoring USB Control, Encryption & Realtime Data. Getting excited to buy it! don't worry we're about to launch EncroPi on Kickstarter soon, Stay connected and you can get notified when EncroPi Launch.


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