The users of the Raspberry Pi 4 Single Board Computer or any other module want to maximize the usage of it to increase the speed of the task. It became a problem for the user as they are not able to cross the threshold of the system. PiStack is the device that can be used to overcome this problem that increases the efficiency of the system by stacking multiple HAT together. 

Overview of PiStack

There is a lot to discover about the capability of Raspberry Pi that has an unlimited level of potential. It becomes tough for a person to unleash this beast without any help of Add ons. PiStack is developed by SB Components to make the user feel more powerful by adding more HAT with the Raspberry Pi.

How does PiStack work for Raspberry Pi?

PiStack is an input/output expansion board kit designed for the Raspberry Pi, which provides 3 sets of 2x20 pin headers. It means that one can plug in 3 HAT with the PiStack that would make the user perform the advanced functions on it. PiStack has the space on its board for the Raspberry Pi and 3 HAT. One can plug Raspberry Pi and 3 HAT by directly putting it on the PiStack that has the power pins for the connection. There is a USB power port to which one needs to provide the power by the cable to all the HAT. PiStack has boards that have clear and descriptive pin labels to make the process easier for the user. 

Why did PiStack come into existence?

Raspberry Pi has millions of users that want to increase its capability for its usage. They want to use it for expanding the potential of the device that would make it useful for powerful work also.  People were looking for a solution so that they can comfortably connect multiple HAT with Raspberry Pi 4 or any other module. SB Components then worked on developing a product that can solve the problems of the user in a better way. They developed PiStack that has a compact design that one can use with multiple HAT. PiStack can connect all the 3 HAT to the Raspberry Pi with the perfection that makes the user operate on the HAT simultaneously. A lot of users bought PiStack to fulfill their needs of establishing multiple HAT connections with Raspberry Pi. It got great appreciation from the people that raised the market for the PiStack.

Application of PiStack

There are multiple HATs that one can connect with the Raspberry Pi that not only makes the device powerful but also makes the user faster. One can enhance the effect of a HAT by connecting the 3 HAT with the Raspberry Pi. It gives Raspberry Pi a way to perform the task with higher efficiency that would make it more advanced than the current modules. There is no limit on creativity that one can use to develop various assemblies of HAT and Raspberry Pi. One can also try permutations and combinations with the different combinations of the HAT that would develop a lot of better things.