PiRelay 8 | 8 Channel Relay Board for Raspberry Pi - Kickstarter

PiRelay 8  8 Channel Relay Board for Raspberry Pi - Kickstarter

Newly released technology will always be on your radar if you follow Kickstarter with your heart. PiRelay 8 is a Raspberry Pi device that has been a most talked about product in the market for all the right reasons this month. 

Introduction of PiRelay 8 | Smart Relay Board For Raspberry Pi

The PiRelay 8 is a gadget that uses a controller to allow users to automate their devices or appliances. It's exciting for techies to manage more and more appliances, and PiRelay 8 is the best because you can control up to eight appliances with it, isn't it? In this post, we'll go over everything you need to know about PiRelay 8 so you can utilize it in your projects. You can also connect it with any microcontroller like Arduino, STM32, AVR, PIC etc. 

What is PiRelay 8?

The PiRelay 8 relay expansion board that can control up to 8 appliances/devices with photo-coupling isolation on a load of 250V AC/7 A, 30V DC/10 A, and a trigger voltage of 3.3 V. It allows users to safely control high voltages or current devices via an HDMI 4.3" capacitive touch screen LCD mounted onboard as an add-on module. 

Features of PiRelay 8

The 4.3" LCD on the PiRelay 8 provides enough room to fit comfortably, allowing the user to operate the gadget with ease. The 5V / 2A USB power connector on the PiRelay 8 board is one of its outstanding features. The PiRelay 8 board provides direct power to the Raspberry Pi.

The PiRelay 8 channel is equipped with eight high-quality relays that can handle loads of up to 250 VAC/7A and 30VDC/10A. In the PiRelay 8 Channel, we incorporated a safety component called the Optocoupler EL357NC, which acts as a photo coupling isolator in the circuits to ensure safe communication.

Projects On PiRelay 8

Many of you may be curious as to what applications the PiRelay 8 can be used for. Many tech-developers have been asking us the same questions since the beginning of this project's Kickstarter campaign. The answer is that PiRelay 8 can be used to develop a wide range of applications. It all comes down to your imagination and knowledge. But don't worry if you're stuck for ideas right now; after working on PiRelay 8, you might come up with some inventive ideas for your project. For the time being, you can work on the following projects. 

  • Fan controller - Imagine coming home in the middle of the summer, and being able to control your fan with simply a remote control. It's not a difficult project; all you have to do is connect the Raspberry Pi to the PiRelay 8 and then to the fan. The PiRelay 8 app on your phone can be used to control the fan.
  • Door Lock - Many people fail to lock their doors when they are in a rush, which causes them to be nervous all of the time. Using an internet connection, you may utilize the PiRelay 8 and set of gears on the lock to lock or unlock it with a remote connection.
  • Pi-based PLC Machine - By adding some external components like as contractors, solid state relays, and so on, you may utilize the PiRelay 8 as a PLC to manage the heavy load machine.

PiRelay 8 Safety With Optocoupler

Most people may be concerned about the safety of their heavy-duty appliances in order to avoid being harmed by PiRelay 8. You do not need to be concerned because the team has taken care of the situation by utilising an optocoupler.

The Optocoupler is one of the most crucial components of the PiRelay 8, since it ensures the device's safety. An optocoupler is a device that uses light energy to send an electrical signal between two isolated circuits. It allows the user to segregate circuits from one another, preventing voltage from one portion from affecting the other.

Where can I buy PiRelay 8?

We hope that you like PiRelay 8 and want to buy one also for your project. Right now, PiRelay 8 is live on Kickstarter and you can buy it from there. There are different rewards that we created on Kickstarter and as per your project’s requirement, you can buy PiRelay 8. If you like our product then share it with your tech-enthusiasts friends and colleagues. We hope that you would like our product. 


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