SB Components is Now an Approved Design Partner for the Raspberry Pi

SB Components is Now an Approved Design Partner for the Raspberry Pi

SB Components, a research and development firm, has been named an official Raspberry Pi Design Partner!

SB Components has achieved one of its goals by becoming an Official Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner. It will improve the benefits for our clients, and in this piece, we'll present a brief overview of SB Components' journey.

SB Components is Now an Approved Design Partner for the Raspberry Pi

SB Components offers a wide selection of technologically innovative products that have proven to be commercially successful. In the last nine years, we've built a team of experts who have created amazing products in fields such as automation, robotics, education, hardware, industrial control/applications, IoT, sensors, wireless, and consumer electronics in countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India, West Indies and many more. 

Our Journey To Raspberry Pi Design Partner?

We became an authorized Raspberry Pi reseller in 2020, thanks to our hard work and dedication, which has helped SB Components become a household name in the industry. SB Components emerged as a solution with their tenacity and commitment to scale up the information for their users about embedded systems, and we have a well-respected reputation in the industry.

Development for a great future

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is one of the well-known names in the industry that has helped SB Components earn the trust of a wide number of people. The purpose of SB components is to make technology more accessible to more people in less time. We created a number of products in the areas of automation, robotics, education, hardware, industrial control/applications, internet of things, sensors, wireless, and consumer electronics, all of which received a positive response from the tech-community.

Benefits of being an official approved design partner

The majority of our readers and clients may be interested in learning more about the advantages of the SB Component right now. SB Components can obtain direct support from Raspberry Pi because of being an approved Raspberry pi design partner. Isn't that cool?

“We are honored to be identified as a Raspberry Pi officially certified design partner, which is a significant milestone for our firm. It all came about as a result of our 9 years of embedded systems experience. We will further strengthen our goods with revolutionary designs and make advancements in the field of technology by becoming a design partner,” stated Gajender Singh, Director at SB Components.

What will be the future plans of SB Components?

SB Components has the resources to deliver services in a variety of areas, including idea-based applications, robots, IoT, automation, image processing, AI-based applications, hardware design, firmware development, hardware enclosures, and so on. SB Components has a dedicated Research and Development department with a strong team of experienced engineers and developers capable of large volume production in a variety of technologies such as industrial hardware, AI-based robots/Image classification, and open-source hardware.

SB Component will make every effort to maintain product quality in order to provide high-quality products to its clients. We'll be able to better service our clients by getting support directly from the Raspberry Pi.


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