PiRelay Controlling using Android App

PiRelay Controlling using Android App


Thanks to Jason Findlay for creating a wonderful app that is useful for our daily life needs.
PiRelay is a Relay Shield for Raspberry Pi. It is the best suitable device for making Home Automation and for controlling high power devices like motors, lights etc.
Using PiRelay Android App you can easily control PiRelay shield from anywhere from your Mobile Phone.

PiRelay Module

Features of PiRelay

  • 4 - High-quality Relay.
  • Load up to 7A/240VAC
  • LED’s for indicating a status of each relay
  • 40-Pin Stacking Header for accessing the GPIO of RPi.
  • GPIO 4, GPIO 17, GPIO 27 and GPIO 22 are used for controlling Relay. But the user can remove Relay Jumper and select custom GPIO pin.

    Connecting PiRelay with PiRelay Android App

    • First follow the instructions for installing PiRelay in Raspberry Pi and Android Phone: https://pirelay.jasonfindlay.com/
    • Add you Raspberry Pi IP in PiRelay App. The default is http://raspberrypi/, go to Settings -> Pi URL Addresses and change it to your Raspberry Pi IP i.e. http://192.xxx.xxx.xxx.


    • Set number of Relays i.e. 4


    • Setup each Relay as per Wiring Pi. Because PiRelay App is using WiringPi GPIO numbering.

      Setup 1 Setup 2

      Setup 3Setup 4


    • Now everything is ready, you can test the PiRelay App and PiRelay Shield.


      For reference, please click :https://pirelay.jasonfindlay.com/index.php/about/

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