PiRelay v2 Relay Shield for Raspberry Pi

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PiRelay V2 is developed by SB Components with the potential to control 4 appliances and loads up to 240V AC/ 7 A, 30V DC/ 10A to provide a way to control the high voltage/current devices. It helps the user to enhance the intelligence of the appliances. It comprises an “Optocoupler” that allows the circuit to transmit an electrical signal between two isolated circuits through light energy. Optocoupler helps the user to prevent the high voltages in one part of the circuit from affecting the other part of the circuit which provides safety to the system. It provides a better connection of Pi Relay V2 with the Raspberry Pi that gets enabled from the standardized shield form factor. One can enable the IoT technology of their home appliances using Pi Relay V2 that will make their life efficient.

Relay Shield for Rapsberry PiPi Relay V2

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Kit Content

  • 1x PiRelay v2

Note: Raspberry Pi not included 

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