Top 3 reasons to choose PiRelay 8 for your project

Top 3 reasons to choose PiRelay 8 for your project

PiRelay 8 is a Kickstarter-funded device that allows users to operate up to eight appliances at once. If you want to automate your home, PiRelay 8 is the device for you.

In this post, we'll go over every feature of PiRelay 8 so that more people are aware of the possibilities for using it in their projects. 

PiRelay 8

Idea behind PiRelay 8

Most individuals are probably curious about the potential of using PiRelay 8 in their projects. To begin, we must first comprehend the project's concept so that we can everyone be on the same page. People are becoming more aware of the Internet of Things in this highly technical day.

People are increasingly interested in home automation as a way to improve their lives. Not only that, but people are also designing machines that can be automated with the aid of a gadget. SB Components identified an issue in the technology world and set out to create a solution that would benefit humanity. PiRelay 8 is the answer to the question of whether or not automation can meet market demand. Users can connect up to 8 appliances to PiRelay 8 and control them with a remote control.

PiRelay 8 Kickstarter

Solve Problems with PiRelay 8

When most individuals leave the house, they are concerned about whether they have secured the door or turned out the light, among other things. PiRelay 8 is a technology that allows a person to control their home via the internet, allowing them to do everything when they are away from home.

You may not want to get up and turn on the coffee maker since it appears to be a large effort, but you no longer need to be concerned. You may link PiRelay 8 to your coffee machine and arrange it to turn on at a specific time using the internet. It will assist you in getting your preferred coffee on time. You can also use your creativity and potential to create a range of projects.

Features of PiRelay 8

Now check over the PiRelay's features and specifications in further detail to gain a better grasp of the product. On a load of 250V AC/7 A, 30V DC/10 A, and a trigger voltage of 3.3 V, a user can connect up to 8 appliances/devices with photo-coupling isolation. It has an HDMI 4.3" capacitive touch screen LCD mounted aboard as an add-on module that allows users to safely operate high voltages or current devices.

Compatibility with Raspberry Pi

With new Raspberry Pi add-ons, the Raspberry PI community is rapidly expanding. PiRelay 8 is a comprehensive package for usage with Raspberry Pi that includes easy installation and connection and allows the user to use it with up to eight devices. PiRelay 8's versatility continues with the ability to link it to Arduino, STM32, or any other microcontroller for your project. 

Reasons to have PiRelay 8 

Should you purchase PiRelay 8? It's possible that it's one of the most often asked questions. If you're one among them, don't worry; the following are the top three reasons to acquire PiRelay 8.

  1. Multiple Devices - With the PiRelay 8, you can connect up to 8 devices, making things easier for the user. You can use numerous devices at the same time to improve the project's quality.
  2. Quality Life - Simply connect your household appliances to the PiRelay 8 and Raspberry Pi to operate your gadgets such as fans, bulbs, and door locks with a remote or mobile app. It will improve the quality of your life by allowing you access to your household appliances.
  3. IoT technology - It is also feasible to link your home or industrial products from outside the premises, which is another wonderful reason to have PiRelay 8. You can operate your appliances from anywhere in the globe if you connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet.

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