Breadboard Breakout for BBC micro:bit

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Easy way to connect breadboard from micro:bit by using all new SB Components micro:bit Breadboard Breakout it allows you to connect or plug a BBC micro:bit into a standard 2.54 mm pitch breadboard.

The micro:bit Breadboard Breakout PCB is designed to connect across the middle slot of a breadboard


  • The micro:bit slots into the on-board edge connector.
  • This breakout board plugs straight across the middle slot of a standard 2.54 mm pitch breadboard.
  • The micro:bits pins are broken out to 2 x 11 way header pins.
  • Use jumper wires to connect from the header pins to the breadboard.
  • No tools or soldering required for installation.
  • micro:bit to breadboard prototyping made easy. 


  • Length: 58.4mm.
  • Width: 12.8mm.
  • Height: 20.76.
  • Pin Pitch: 2.54mm

Kit Content

Note: This product does not contain micro:bit, Click here to buy micro:bit board 

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