You can control Lego robots with this Raspberry Pi Build HAT add-on.

Build HAT - The LEGO Robotics Add-On For Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Build HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) is a brand-new Raspberry Pi add-on board. It connects to the LEGO Education SPIKE Portfolio's 40-pin GPIO header and can operate up to four LEGO Technic motors and sensors.



Because of the Build HAT's clever design, all of the components are located on the bottom, allowing space on the top for LEGO Minifigures or a tiny breadboard. You may either use the included header to connect the HAT directly to your Raspberry Pi, using 9mm spacers to guarantee a secure fit, or you can add an extra-tall header to keep the unused GPIO pins accessible. 

It includes four LEGO Education SPIKE Portfolio connectors for LEGO Technic motors and sensors. A distance sensor, a colour sensor, and a force sensor are among the available sensors (all sold separately). The angular motors are available in a variety of sizes and include built-in encoders that may be used to determine their location.Build HAT for Pi

The Build HAT is compatible with all Raspberry Pi computers that have a 40-pin GPIO header, including the Raspberry Pi 4 and Zero. It may also be used with Raspberry Pi 400 with the addition of a ribbon cable or other extension device.

Connected LEGO Technic components, as well as typical Raspberry Pi peripherals like a camera module, may be simply managed in Python. The Raspberry Pi Build HAT power supply, which is sold separately, is meant to power both the Build HAT and the Raspberry Pi computer, as well as any other LEGO Technic devices that are attached.

8V DC at 6 Amps Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power Supply

The Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power Supply will keep your Raspberry Pi Build HAT projects running. The Build HAT and associated LEGO Technic motors, as well as your Raspberry Pi computer, will be powered by this 48W power supply.

Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power SupplyOutputs 8V DC (yep, that’s the LEGO Technic voltage requirement) at 6A for plenty of power to your robotic project with leftover current that is stepped-down to power the Raspberry Pi as well.

Specifications Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power Supply

  • 110-240V AC input
  • 8V DC, 6A output
  • 1.5m 16AWG cable length
  • Powers the Raspberry Pi Build HAT, Raspberry Pi computer (except Raspberry Pi 400), and connected LEGO Technic devices with no additional power source required

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