Top 4 Key-Projects Based on Pico LED Cube

Top 4 Key-Projects Based on Pico LED Cube

LED cubes are a hugely attractive DIY product in the tech-community 

The Pico LED series on Kickstarter is getting a lot of attention from the Raspberry Pi community because of its creative and innovative LED patterns. Kids can easily learn about hardware and its programming in a fun way with the LED Cube series.Pico LED Cube

There are two main products of this series, Pico LED Cube and PiCube, that would fulfill the demand of Raspberry Pi as well as Raspberry Pi Pico fans in one go. We understand your excitement and without any further ado let's get started!!!

What is the LED Cube series? 

Pico LED cube and PiCube are designed as a LED cube series that is based on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico. The LED series was launched on Kickstarter so that people can use it as per their convenience. The LED cube consists of 64 high intensity Mono-chromatic LED's in which you can come up with different patterns with the help of programming. You have the access to the individual LED that will help you to design patterns as per your creativity.

For Beginners or Professionals?

A lot of people might have the thought that “Is the LED cube suitable for beginners or professionals?” You do not have to worry about anything at all. On the GitHub platform, we will provide you with the demo codes and manuals after the end of the campaign. Even people who do not have experience with the embedded system can also read the instructions from the manual with complete installation process of the LED cube.

Projects on LED Cube

You must be thinking about the projects that can be built on the LED Cube that would be a good way to showcase your creativity. You can use your expertise and programming skills to develop various products using LED Cube. 

  1. IoT Party Lights - Are you organizing a party? Need decorative products then LED Cube would be perfect for you. You can have the Pico LED Cube or PiCube with the colours red, blue or green that would make your party trippy and colourful. You just have to connect the LED Cube with Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi Pico and program it as per the need of your design. If you want to connect LED cube with your phone then you can simply connect your phone with the LED cube with the help of Pico WiFI HAT.  
  2. Home-Decoration - Different colourful design patterns make the home wonderful. You can make your home a cozy place with the LED Cube that would enhance the ambiance of your place. Connect multiple LED cubes( both Raspberry Pi Pico and Raspberry Pi) with the Pirelay V2 that would let you connect devices up to 4 LED cubes at a single time. 
  3. Alarm System - Imagine having an alarm clock that wakes you up and different patterns of lights. You can connect Pico RTC HAT with the LED cube that would enable you to make an alarm system with your favorite LED patterns and colour.  
  4. Air Quality Alarming System - In this increment of the air pollution, people are looking for a device that would make them aware about the problem. You can connect Pico Cube or Picube with the air monitoring breakout and code the system as per your convenience like glow different layers of LED cube as per the density of the particulate matter. 


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