Step By Step Process To Control DC Motor With The micro:bit Motor Driver

Step by step process to control DC motor with the micro:bit Motor Driver

A beginner’s guide to DC motor and proficiency of micro:bit

BBC micro:bit is one of the most demanded items in the community of tech-enthusiasts that got a lot of attention from the market. BBC launched micro:bit to innovate kids about programming and hardware so that they can become the part to scale up the level of technology. It was designed for the kids but adults also got interested in the micro:bit that made this product successful in the market. Numerous people ask a lot of the questions related to the micro:bit so that they can solve their problems. One of the common questions that come up is “How to Connect DC motors to micro:bit?” which we will elaborate, in this blog. 

About micro:bit

BBC micro:bit is a credit card-sized computer that a user can control that has a powerful function of motion detection, Bluetooth technology, a built-in compass. BBC manufactured micro:bit to raise the awareness of programming and hardware among the kids so that they can have the idea about the technology from an early age. They made sure that every kid of age 7 or equivalent gets a free micro:bit across the UK in 2016. Numerous people want to make micro:bit motor controller to control the gadgets. 

The new BBC micro:bit

Run DC Motor driver from micro:bit motor driver board

SB components organization is one of the leading brands in the market. They analyse the problems of the people about the setup of the DC motor with the micro:bit. They did their research about the problems and they came with the idea of the “motor driver for micro:bit” that became a solution for the users. Motor driver for micro:bit is an advanced driver that consists of a TB6612FNG, a powerful integrated chip, that acts as the heart of the board of motor driver. 

Powerful components of SB Motor driver

SB Components developed an extension for the Motor driver that would help the user to interface the DC motor driver for micro:bit with two DC motors and 3 PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) Servo motors simultaneously. It works on a power supply (external) of 6V~12V (VIN terminal) with the current(output) of up to 3A. SB Component’s Motor driver is compatible with both micro:bit and micro:bit v2 that would be useful for a large section of the users. Sb Components designed one of the advanced micro:bit driver expansion board to make the  


  • Power supply - 6V ~ 12V(VIN terminal)
  • Logic Voltage - 3.3V
  • Output current - 3A 

Guide to control the DC motor with the micro:bit

A user can do the following steps to control the DC motor with micro:bit

  • First connect the DC motor to the screw terminal, labelled as MA1 and MA2.
  • Now stack micro:bit on Edge connector of Motor driver board.
  • Connect the external power supply to the motor driver, labelled as VIN and ground. 
  • Turn on the slider switch
  • Open makecode 
  • Create a project 
  • Add extension for SB motor driver by clicking on the advanced tab >> Extensions and enter the URL mentioned below and click on the search button

Motor Driver for micro:bit

Now click on the search result to add the above extension to the current project.DC motor controller for micro:bit
  • You can use the motor driver Extension feature to control your DC motor.  

Servo motor driver for motor driver

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