TOP 4 Expansions for BBC micro:bit

TOP 4 Expansions for BBC micro:bit

Expansion for BBC micro:bit boards came into the picture because of its feature to increase the functionality of a device. BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation developed micro:bit to enhance the interest of the kids into the learning of programming. It helps the children to curiously involve in the development of the products rather than just being a consumer. After some usage, the user wanted to enhance the usage of the micro:bit then they came up with the idea of Expansions of BBC micro:bit. It helps the user to use the micro:bit for different purposes.

Expansions for BBC micro:bit

  1. Motor driver for micro:bit - The motor driver or motor controller for micro:bit connects the microcontroller to run the system. The selection of the type of motor driver for micro:bit depends upon the type of motor and control. SB Components motor driver developed to drive two DC motors with three servo motors. Motors are the most commonly used actuator in a machine to run the system in a better manner. It needs a microcontroller or processor to run the motor in a controlled manner.microbit motor driver
  2. BBC micro:bit Breadboard Adapter - BBC micro:bit Breadboard Adapter allows the user to “break out” all the GPIO of the micro:bit on Breadboard. It helps the user to connect the BBC micro:bit GPIO Header or General purpose Input/Output Header easily to a breadboard for prototyping the design. Breadboard adapter for microbit
  3. Servo driver for micro:bit - It works similarly to the motor driver but the main difference is it works delicately for the servo motors. Servo Driver for micro:bit has the configurations 16 Channel 12-bit Servo Driver and I2C Interface Module that run it impeccably.microbit servo driver
  4.  Relay Board for micro:bit - The relay Board for micro:bit is the assembly of the relays to make it work as an electromagnetic switch in the device. It helps the user to utilize it as a switch that would on/off the connected device/appliances. One can control home appliances with this device that would make a person efficient. Relay Board for microbit
  5. Gamepad for micro:bit - One of the attractive things for a kid is video games which innovate them to build their gamepad to play on the gaming consoles. SB Components provide onboard battery holder, charging circuit, rechargeable battery, and battery charging support via USB. It's a gamepad expansion board designed specifically for BBC micro:bit board. It also has the battery indicator that flashes 1/2/3/4 times corresponding power 25%/50%/75%/100% respectively. Numerous kids want to build their personalized gaming system that increases their learning while developing something. Gamepad for microbit
  6. Basic:bit IO expansion board for micro:bit - Basic:bit IO expansion board supports I2C communication and is specifically designed for the micro:bit. It has a compact design that performs a high-quality task. This device has the components 3.5mm audio interface, buzzer, programmable RGB lamp, a photoresistor, and many other contrivances that are on board.IO Expansion Board for Micro:bit


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